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  1. More Freeman's Mind! This episode is one where I had one of the scenes in my head since back before I finished the first FM. You'll probably be able to figure out which part. This episode did come out later than I intended and while I never like getting the videos out later to people, having a slower release pattern for FM2 was one of my "conditions" back when I agreed to resume the series just so it doesn't block out my work on the movie. New Game Dungeon in a few days!
  2. September videochat with fans. More annoucnements this time. First, expect the next FM2 and RGD episodes soon, I'm predicting tomorrow for FM2 and Thursday for RGD, but I have been wrong before on my time estimates. Second, I talk about the HL2: Episode 3 story leak. The short version is if a polished enough mod based on that comes along, I don't see the reason to not continue Freeman's Mind into that. Finally, I'm getting married next month, so I'm skipping the videochat for October. That also means I'm going to be working double time this month in order to have videos for both this month and the next, since I won't have as much time in October. Expect as many videos as I can crank out for now and October!
  3. I did notice some mistakes for the subtitles in the first part of the review. At 8:22 you forgot a word in "This walkthrough was written the lead writer of the game". Also wouldn't "he was reading a porno magazine" be the correct grammar instead of "he's reading a porno magazine" at 12:56? Also, in the second part, isn't Granny at 10:15 saying "Prom-mo-mo-bring" instead of "Tra la la!" and the red shoes at 24:18 singing "'Bout a horse named Blues, a cow named Moos" instead?
  4. The next videochat will fans will be live 4PM EST on August 5th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. You can ask questions you‘d like me to answer here and I‘ll prioritize those with the most votes. I'll probably talk some about the Episode 3 script leak since a bunch of people emailed me about that. FM2 is currently running late, but both it and another video are getting relatively close to getting done. I‘ve had a shift of plans for September and October I think most people will like.
  5. Regular monthly chat with fans for August. I think it mostly made sense some of the time. My apartment was hot. I'm hoping the website starts to see big changes this month, more coming on the videos either way. Definitely
  6. The next videochat will fans will be live 4PM EST on August 5th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. You can ask questions you'd like me to answer here and I'll prioritize those with the most votes. https://www.reddit.com/r/accursedfarms/comments/6quwfk/august_2017_video_chat_official_questions_thread/
  7. Freeman's Mind! This is showing up about a month later than I intended, but I promise to keep at it either way. Since this is the first episode with any combat, there were actually a number of issues I ran into with the Source engine that eventually got ironed out. I may have a new obstacle in the next episode, it's too early for me to tell yet. In any event, if anyone has experience with minor modding with the Source engine, you're welcome to email me just in case future unexpected surprises pop up. The bad news is due mostly to Armed & Delirious, but partially to Source, I think it's no longer realistic for my plan to have two Freeman's Mind this month (and have time to sleep, exercise, etc.). Work has started on Episode 4, but I'm afraid I'm back to a "when it's done" timetable with the intention of getting at least one a month out. I'm still hoping to have the next one out early August however, but my time estimates are frequent evidence I wouldn't have a very good career as a fortune teller.
  8. Armed & Delirious! While other games like Battleforge and Bip-Bop 2 emerged to be important episodes for me, this is the episode I most wanted to make for Game Dungeon from the beginning. I've put it off for so long because I knew it would be a lot of work, and wow, it really was. There was simply no making a short episode about this game for me; there would have just been too much to cut out. I actually didn't make as many jokes as I sometimes do because the source material was so nuts there wasn't as much room to compete. Game Dungeon is going to become more sparse for a little while, so I have more time to focus on the movie, but I'll be continuing my plan to try and have monthly Freeman's Mind. This episode took weeks and weeks to make. You wouldn't think it possible, but there were just so many small aspects involved with making this that caused it to drag on a long while past I wanted it to. For this kind of effort, I really want to be working on the movie instead. Things are running behind schedule, but I'm still hoping to have two Freeman's Mind episodes this month. Also, for now, I'm going to have to postpone, possibly cancel tomorrow's UT2004 session for this month, I simply got too backed up in making this video I have to catch up on a lot of other things. Anyway, hope you enjoy the video, this game is certainly an experience.
  9. Videochat for July. I'm running behind on the videos, but working as fast as I can on it. I'm aiming for 3 videos this month, we'll see what happens. I hope to have work done on the website also, I'll have announcements before any big changes on that front.
  10. Here's an update plus a link for asking question on the next videochat. First, I'm afraid both Ross's Game Dungeon and Freeman's Mind 2 are running late. They're not on hold, they're just both taking longer than I hoped. Freeman's Mind is taking longer to multiple bugs I've run into that weren't present for me in HL:Source. I think I'll be able to get them ironed out, but it surprising how much it's slowed things down for me. The next Game Dungeon is simply just a huge episode with some complications. All I can say it's a game worthy of taking up this much time. I'm hoping to have the Game Dungeon sometime in early July and Freeman's Mind ASAP after that. Assuming I don't run into new major bugs, I'm hoping to have two FM2 episodes for July, but obviously, I can't promise anything when it comes to dates. Anyway, the next videochat will be live 4PM EST on July 2nd at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. You can ask questions you'd like me to answer here and I'll prioritize those with the most votes.
  11. Videochat for June. I keep feeling a little crazy after making these, I think it may have to do with talking to a computer for a length of time. More videos this month!
  12. Here's a link to the reddit thread for asking questions for the next videochat. It will be on Saturday at 4pm EST on June 3rd at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. I'll prioritize answering questions that get the most votes.
  13. Freeman's Mind! There ended up being a longer delay on this than I intended, but I don't think the quality was hurt any. I'm still having some hang ups with the Source engine, as there are multiple behind the scenes fixes going on with this episode. Primarily, demo playback seems to have no consistency at all. Depending on what values I use when playing it back, I can have a combination of stuttering for the following situations: -Turning the mouse -Jumping -NPC movement -some dynamic objects playing animations -Cutscene camera movement So far, I've mostly minimized the first three, but can't seem to have EVERYTHING play back smoothly. Stuff like this is why I abandoned the Source engine for my other projects. If anyone has greater insight as to how demo playback works, you're welcome to contact me, though if you have suggested values, you may want to test them yourself in HL2 first. Next up for June will be another Game Dungeon and more Freeman's Mind. COMMENT
  14. I mean to have a post on this a few weeks ago, then simply forgot. This is an audio interview I did with a podcaster who contacted me a while back. I was impressed he got an interview with Jeff Rubin prior to me. For those unfamiliar with who that is, he used to be a member of the College Humor website and later their Youtube channel. This video is my favorite performance by him. Anyway, there were some questions about me doing machinima, but there ended up being a lot more questions about my thoughts on the global oil situation in particular. I didn't pick the questions, but that is a topic I have put a lot of research into in the past. This may not have been my best interview as I was little tired when we had it, but some of you may find it interesting. More Freeman's Mind coming before too long! I don't think any fans will be disappointed with the next episode.
  15. This is just a quick notice that I'm postponing the UT2004 playsession with fans. Both the host and myself ended up being pretty busy and didn't have time to prepare everything for this. I'm pushing it back a week to 2PM EST on May 27th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast instead. I'll have another post in a couple days on info for how to join, since we hope to use custom maps this time. On the plus side, the next Freeman's Mind still looks on track to be out this month.
  16. Here is the video to follow up the follow-up episode! An almost hour-long interview with Stuart Mackereth, the senior programmer for the game Cyril Cyberpunk. He also going to release his game Discrepant, which you can find out more at www.discrepantgame.com. I figure this is the sort of video that will be hit or miss with people, it depends on how interested you are in the original game or the process that went into creating it. The first half of the interview is about Cyril Cyberpunk, the second half is about his upcoming game along with some minor movie discussion at the end. The audio quality is a little rough on Stuart's end, but I have no regrets, seeing as how if I wasn't paranoid and recorded him on my end, nothing would have been saved in the first place. Another video coming this month, hopefully more!
  17. Here's the next Game Dungeon! It's been over 2 years since the last follow-up episode and all I can say is it was exactly as much work as I thought it would be, if not more. I was originally hoping to do this one with a lot more help, but I ended up getting pushed so far back with the time frame I was aiming for, by the time I was ready to look into that it would have taken longer to do it that way than on my own. This unfortunately is a pattern with many of my videos, but one I'm still optimistic about breaking out of (especially since Freeman's Mind can be produced faster). I think the follow-up episodes aren't quite as interesting as a regular Game Dungeon, but they're okay as supplemental material. In any event, this one has a surprise in it to spice it up some (and is part of the reason this took as long as it did). As for the future, Freeman's Mind is next, and then a Game Dungeon episode I've been meaning to make for a long time. Besides the bonus video coming, which should hopefully be out sometime tomorrow, expect at least one more this month. Videos!
  18. More videochat. I was more coherent this time, but still rambled. New videos coming very soon! The next Game Dungeon should be up within 24 hours, a bonus one afterward, and expect another Freeman's Mind this month.
  19. Here's a link to the reddit thread for asking questions for the next videochat. It will be on Sunday at 4pm EST on May 7th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. The next Game Dungeon is running late. It's the next follow-up episode and part of the reason it's been so long since I've made the last one is because the number of components in them really adds up time-wise compared to a more straightforward episode. There will also be a related bonus video accompanying it that most people probably won't care about, but others may find it very interesting. My current prediction for getting it all completed is in 3 days, but we'll see what actually happens. After the episode is done, I'll start on the next Freeman's Mind.
  20. Latest videochat with fans. I rambled more than I meant to, but think I answered the biggest questions people had. More videos coming, though even I'm not sure what's next at this point.
  21. Hey everyone, I'm going to repeat this on the next videochat, but I wanted to publicly clarify an incident that came up recently. On March 31st, as I was uploading the Maabus episode, I discovered that I had TWELVE copyright claims against me, mostly for Freeman's Mind. I took a screenshot of the incident here illustrating it: I was quite upset about this, because not only was the company trying to claim ownership of the videos and take revenue from it, but actions like this could threaten the existence of my whole channel. After some consultation with other Youtubers (thanks especially to Shane Luis from the ReRez channel), I disputed all the claims against me AND laid counter-claims to all my videos on their channel, where they were quickly taken down. I've been contacted by some people upset over these actions as they thought I was being mean spirited, but in my eyes, I had no choice; they were acting like a rabid dog and had to be put down. During this time, I also emailed a few contacts who had worked at stopgame.ru in the past, only to be informed later that the channel making claims against me is NOT their channel, it's a fake posing as them. If that's correct, that really makes this channel look bad. I am actually curious what led to them doing that, you would think trying to do a takedown on the actual creator when you're the one taking the videos in the first place would not be a wise move for your company. This whole incident brings up another issue regarding translations, so I would like to clarify my stance on that. To date, not one cent has ever gone to me for dubbed copies of my videos in other languages. Even for the REAL stopgame.ru channel making dubbed translations, I've never been completely thrilled with them making those, monetizing them, and me receiving 0% of the earnings. The analogy I make would be like taking a foreign film, making a dubbed translation of it, then selling that and keeping all the profits. Even though the translator and dubber did their own work, I imagine the original creator did more. However, I realize that dubbed copies reach a wider audience than English ones would alone, so I've mostly just tolerated this stuff, having mixed feelings about it and generally being too busy to pursue it further. So rather than leave things hazy, I wanted to clarify what my exact stance is on translations: Subtitle translations: I'm happy to accept fan-made foreign subtitles. Please email [email protected] if you have some in another language you would like to submit. Don't use my normal email address for this or it will take forever to process this. You can give yourself credit at the beginning or end of the subtitle files themselves. In the event of more than one submission for the same video, we'll try our best to use the better one. I would prefer you NOT upload copies of my videos with the subtitles added on your own channel. Dubbed audio translations that are non-monetized: If you make a dubbed translation of my videos but it is NOT monetized, (so in other words, no ads running on it and it is just a fan made project), that's fine. Dubbed audio translations that ARE monetized: If you make a dubbed translation of my videos that IS monetized, I would prefer you give me SOMETHING for it. I'm not good at figuring out what is a fair percentage (maybe people have suggestions in the comments), but I do feel like 0% of the earnings is a little low. This stuff can add up over time, the channel whose videos I made claims against likely got over 1-2 million views collectively for all my videos together. I imagine it's a similar story for other places hosting fan-dubbed translations. Since Youtube does not make payment an easy or practical process (or some videos are hosted off Youtube), you can always just send me a payment via Paypal, or hell, even with Bitcoin + an email (address: 1DCs8dQ7vRi99qQdfQFurxxm5rT29DRTpL). So if you ARE profiting off my videos and want to be legit about it, send a payment of whatever you think a fair percentage is to Paypal address [email protected] with a message saying it's for monetizing the dubbed copies. Do NOT use the donation page for this, that's processed differently than actual business transactions. If you do this, then that's evidence you're acting legally and with my permission (assuming you're not giving me 30 cents when you've earned 00 or something). Doing this once a year would be fine. If you have any questions about this, you can contact me at my normal email address. I'm not expecting much to come of this. I figure the people making money off my stuff without my permission probably aren't particularly keen on the honor system either, but at least I can have a policy about this now. I really hate getting involved in stuff like this, I don't want to be a person grubbing every last cent out of people and ultimately, this is probably a minority of earnings. There's a pretty low risk of me coming after anyone about this, I'd rather just focus on the videos. But at the same time, people selling stuff you worked on and keeping all the money can rub you the wrong way psychologically. That's it! Hopefully this stuff never comes up again! This is a blog post. To read the original post, please click here »
  22. Hey everybody, here's the next Freeman's Mind.
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