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  1. Im_CIA liked a post in a topic by ekket in Article 13   
    Even if he wasn't in the European Union, the videos would definitely be affected, unless Youtube were to block access to/segregate its videos for people in the EU.
  2. Psychotic Ninja liked a post in a topic by ekket in Last post made wins   
    “This place is dead...”
    (I haven't seen any activity on the forums for a while, I almost thought that members couldn't post anything at all.)
  3. The Britain liked a post in a topic by ekket in Hey We're Launching a Bit Bare   
    All the posts (except for the latest Dead Game News article, which wasn't in the archive) have been re-added! This did take a while longer than I expected, but I'd say that it's all worth it. (During the migration process of the 495-odd articles, I only had 2 errors.) The videos page has also launched alongside it.

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