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    Where Does the Marathon Trilogy go? Would that be an on list game or off & why?
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    Game Dungeon Wish List

    You might like The Residents games. There are two that I know of and another that may or may not exist. The Residents: Freakshow The Residents:Bad Day on the Midway The third is a Cd rom I think of another album they released called Gingerbread Man. Freak Show is really weir.... both games are weird as fuck. I don't know how to explain them without spoiling it for you. It's at times more sinister than Bip-Bop & cryptic than Helious. It's best to enter these games with surface level research & then digging in as the confusion takes hold. As far as Gingerbread Man goes I remember playing a pinball like game based on that story. I experienced these as a child & is a strangely formative gaming experience of my youth. I don't know what's wrong with my parents but I feel I turned out well... Bad Day at the Midway is my favorite in terms of tone & story & I made it through Freakshow but always got freaked out as a kid on the story about the dog fights. This band went through a lot of interesting stuff as far as promotional material in the 90's. I'm gonna shut up now and post this. Enter these games with caution, you've been warned. -Tycho Bob P.s... Do the Marathon Games (They Free AF)

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