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  1. I don't particularly care that flash will stop existing in the browser space. I get that it's insecure blah blah.. What I DO care about is over 20 years of content being completely voip-ed (seeing as we're using H*R as a conversation piece) out of existance. (Or rather doomed to exist in a format we can no longer run) There are (good) attempts at archival but all attempts at creating an open source equivilant of the player have failed due to flash's massive complexity. This is a serious problem due to bitrot. The actual excecutables will only continue to run on current Operating Systems for so long and let's face it, even in it's heyday flash was a sluggish nightmare.
  2. Alright, here's a huge effortpost on my favourites and why I like them... Sorry if it's too long. (I got massively carried away....) (This is what happens at 4:00 AM) Edit: added links, should be waaaaay easier to parse now (should have been there in the first place, but it was 5 AM when I got to bed)
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