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  1. The story is pretty anticlimatic, sadly, because of a technicality. From what I gathered, either one of the actors died (or got bedridden sick) or they lost the rights to film at the great building and couldn't afford to renew it to shoot the end.
  2. Do you like The Stanley Parable? Or perhaps mindblowing things and whatnot? You come to the right place, pal.
  3. 3014 - It's a good Goodyear year.
  4. Junk post #undefined ERROR 42: WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE
  5. From the end of 2020 forward, Adobe Flash will not be updated or distributed anymore. If you're a content creator that uses Flash or plays games that uses Flash; you have been warned. Some places such as Newgrounds are preparing their own player to run their games, but others (games linked only to certain sites by contract, for example) will surely be forgotten. Here's the news, straight from Adobe's site: https://theblog.adobe.com/adobe-flash-update/
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/id/JohnRDVSMarston Most, if not all profiles with the name 'JohnRDVSMarston' is mine.
  7. Correction: Only Chapter One is Free to Play, the rest, you need to pay. It's pretty much a shareware.
  8. 'Nuff said, here you go: X-Men Legends Rock and Orchestra music, really nice (so much so that one guy stone one of the tracks to ut in DBZ Budokai 3) X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse Orchestral all the way; bit of a deception when compared to the first, but some music like Madri Temple really knocks it out of the park
  9. I lose because the guy below posted.
  10. 3008 - When we reach the goal of One Million, what we'll do...?
  11. I really liked Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness, didn't saw 95% of the problems people rage about. Also I like Duke Nukem Forever; I wanted another Duke experience and by god I received one, so I was sold from start to finish.
  12. Not much of a serious mystery, but very appealing. I did jumped one puzzle because of a glitch I found, but every puzzle is easy to get.
  13. For some, it's a good horror experience; for others, like myself, it's just dull and you can't do much. If it is your lane, go ahead; it isn't mine. Spoiler below for my thorough comment on this game.
  14. When I played it, this was very good. I stopped for a while (i.e. 6 months, maybe more), tried to play again and can't get comfortable with the controls. Must be only a problem of mine though.
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