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    Filler suggestion for hell bent fans

    Tomorow I have a microbial physiology test I haven't studied for at all but I came online to suggest on youtube, if you feel accursed farms is really smart.. if you haven't seen gmod idiot box it's a watch. I'm not suggesting it's really smart, I'm js it's like stop sketch robot chicken, half life 2 stuff. It's aging horribly for machinima, so if you haven't seen it yet, go ahead it has really amusing moments. Edit, planning on rewaching the aqua teem hunger force movie, just for kicks.
  2. DavidIoanid7888

    January Videochat Cancelled

    Hello! [Edit] Err... Gonna scrawl this in last.. I can type very quickly it was really minimum effort. Ty I read in a vitamin nutrient book that the good doctor would use some 100,000 IU of vitamin A as retinal, a "large" dose of zinc (I wouldn't go above 150mg/day((cant be taken with calcium, magnesium, or copper)) - and a large dose of vitamin c. The good doctor would take this cocktail every day when he started to feel symptoms of a cold coming on, and claimed to have never taken a sick day in over 30 years. This is Dr. Atkins I'm referring to, I know he's still controversial. My dad got to meet him for his diabetes, and I in turn lost 100 some pounds (never met him) - the president of the American Heart Association just had a heart attack a few weeks ago, you know (people were breaking into Dr. Atkins's hospital room trying to steal medical records after he slipped on ice and went into a coma..) [[Vitamin D shouldn't go neglected EDIT]] Raw garlic is good, raw ginger is good. Sometimes you really just need a good steroid (if you're asthmatic), or an antibiotic.. What I would like to do someday soon is do some extracting of 'pure crystal' antioxidants from various sources, such as grape seed extract, or Deinococcus Radiodurans (This is a germ that will resist ~3000x the radiation a human can without dying, it also harbours a special pigment or antioxidant which can be used in future biotech.) The whole goal is to take these different antioxidants and formulate them specifically with a type of nucleic acid which is easily oxidized in human cells - eventually humans could potentially live indefinetly. I have nothing but the deepest respect for your perspective on sustainability. I feel it could be possible some day for humans to generate electricity with magnets and gravity using a simple magnetic over unity toy.. [Linked removed, just you tube smot toy]?? Can I link this? .. Anyway sorry to ramble and go irrelevant. Things read on the internet these days tend to not get taken so seriously under certain circumstances so I blithered out a little bit of my life story here.. TY for reading if you did, TY for the years of entertainment and viewing! -Bimmy EDIT: I have never seen Vitamin A retinal 10,000 IU (Or extremely rarely) outside of Shoprite supermarkets in NJ. I'm sure they have online. So the liver stores excess, and the body tolerates it better with vitamin D, you can go up to 100,000 and some 50000 D, but don't go every day excessively. Let me see the original source won't be anywhere online since I'm adding this paragraph anyway .. Forget it I still can't find more stuff on Retinol with a quick pubmed. This is helpful maybe? Background Low levels of 25-OH vitamin D are associated with respiratory tract infection (RTI). However, results from randomized controlled trials are inconclusive. Therefore, we performed a systematic review and meta-analysis to assess the preventive effect of vitamin D supplementation on RTI. Results indicate that vitamin D has a protective effect against RTI, and dosing once-daily seems most effective.
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    General Chat

    "This is the most important thing that's happening on the internet anywhere in the world"... lol..

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