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  1. I am deleting the map files from my mega folder now. Hopefully people have had the chance to download or mirror the files.
  2. Driving off course, all the way through the endless desert, and eventually piercing the veil to fall into an endless abyss to burn as a supernova is a one-of-a-kind spiritual experience that only TrackMania can offer: At one point you get so close to the clouds and the environment around you is so empty of objects that you get the odd sensation that you are driving vertically upwards rather than towards the horizon. And i wasn't even high.
  3. Nope. It doesn't do anything. There's actually no reverse option under key bindings either. Can't turn down the music either. No sliders. I am using the dx9 api version but so does Ross. I really don't know.
  4. How does Ross drive in reverse in the video? I can't do it in the game. There's no keybinding for it either.
  5. +1 for Primordia recommendation. That game was a real treat for me. IMO it has one of the best universes among all adventure games.
  6. It'll be there so long as i keep it. It's the best cloud that i know of other than GD. Feel free to make your own mirrors.
  7. For anyone who is wondering, TrackMania.2.Canyon.MULTi2.REPACK-RAF, comes with 1800 user created maps already packed in the installer with the DX9 api version of the game. Remember folks, if you gonna pirate, pirate ethically EDIT - Here are the maps. Remember these will probably only work with the DX9 api version of the game: https://mega.nz/#!AWJ1ha7Z!aQmrXCpwWn0O7EtQcYA-tBkjbhqBWyghjC6Q8gnupVI
  8. لول، کن یو تاپ دیس؟ It says: Lol, can you top this?
  9. This is a good rule. One should employ their moral compass to a degree and not let piracy hurt developers who are worth the money.
  10. Man I really don't know what to say. The parents are being a (more than a) little shitty about this. I hope you can reach a working compromise with them. If you are going the legal route, and are in the US, I'd have to tell you that it's a real uphill battle. Make sure you can handle the financial burden first. There's no reason to ruin yourself.
  11. I know some might disagree, but these are my personal rules when it comes to purchasing videogames these days. I post these here to expose them to some critique. NOTE: These are my own views and do not reflect the views/opinions of anyone else here on Accursed Farms Forums (unless they want to adopt them). Rule #01: All games shall be pirated FIRST and bought ONLY IF worth the asking price. Rule #02: No money shall be spent on ANY product benefiting the following entities: Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, [...] Rule #03: No game shall be bought from any retailer that does not have a sensible return policy. Rule #04: No game shall be purchased that has a mandatory online connection for the single-player campaign. Rule #05: No lootboxes shall ever be purchased. Rule #06: No game shall ever be pre-ordered, unless in support of a developer based on good faith, and without any expectations pertaining to the final product. Rule #07: No game shall ever be purchased in Early-access form, no matter the quality of the product, unless in support of a developer based on good faith, and without any expectations pertaining to the quality of the final product. Rule #08: It is allowed, and encouraged, to use piracy to hurt developers that actively employ tactics and strategies that are harmful (monetary and otherwise) to a player or the gaming industry in general. Rule #09: No game shall be purchased that mandates the use of a company-specific client (ala Uplay, Origin) to run. Rule #10: No game shall be ever purchased that requires the signing of a Privacy Policy agreement.
  12. Considering the circumstances, are you even sure that the child is yours? Sorry for sounding like dick
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