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  1. Can't help but wonder, when Ross will poist his official "freakout" video regarding the world events. :S Non-linear derivative in new case-totals and the inevitable overflow of any and all local medical services will eventually convince everyone that this thing will in time wipe out more people than the whole World War 2, holocaust included. Unfortunate reality, which will become apparent to all observers, once the peak hits their local services.
  2. Okay..... This is embarrasing.... A few days ago, I went into the AF Youtube channel, and looked at the "videos" section. For some reason, this video was staring at me at the top of the list: Watched it, without checking the date or anything, and went on my way. The next time I visited the channel, it was not there anymore. I assumed the thing had just been hidden or deleted. Just now I looked into my search history, and discovered that the damned thing was several years old. I swear, the thing was sitting at the top of the video listings on the channel, so I assumed it was new! Sorry for the commotion.....
  3. Whatever happened to that one video with the ground shattering announcements? Either I dreamed it up, or Youtube deemed Ross standing in front of a sparking transformer and staring into your soul as hateful? Perhaps it was buried away on purpose, in which case I shall not reveal its contents, but good god. That soulful stare, that flowing hair, that short circuiting transformer.... Can't get any closer to a divine manifestation.
  4. NAOOOO!!!! Ross just qui the chat and I missed 4/5 of it for being drunk Edit: Gottta watch it sober or .... shit EDIT2: AND IT was another 3 hourer Well shit. Tomorrow lotsa backlog
  5. I wrote you a haiku to drive out the sickness. This is terrible. I hope its not the gray death. What a shame, get well. At least it had better be haiku. Verified with an online tool and all.
  6. Unless, Ross knowing that we know that he knows that we know the idea non-viable... He might just go ahead with it. But knowing that, he might select a different course of action. Then again, the idea itself is not terribly useful anyhow. Doubt there are enough bloopers in sequence to fill an episode. And making a random collage of stuff is pretty much what is already being done, one video at the time.
  7. Would make for a perfect April fools day episode, to just let it contain every single glitch that happens to come along, while Freeman desperately tries to rationalize every single nonsensical instance.
  8. For some reason, this quote combined with the visuals made it hilarious on first viewing: Episode 6. "Whoa! Train is leaving the station. All aboard!" "No, not you! You don't have a ticket!" The way those two headcrabs rushed towards the lowering platform just fit the moment perfectly.
  9. Quite literally so. I think they were both made with the old "Pie in the sky" game creation kit. Something between a Game maker and a game engine. Both were probably made simply by using the same stock assets that came with the software. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pie_in_the_Sky_(game_engine)#Terror_in_Christmas_Town
  10. I suspect that the refirgerator is somehow involved in all of this. Just not quite sure how.
  11. I hope it remains. It has all the features of a proper intro. Short, recognizable, contains the title of the game in question and is simple to refit to match the given season. Christmas, Halloween, Spring, Summer.... Hard to come up with a good reason for its removal.
  12. Greetings, people. I'm one of them semi-long time lurkers from the Youtube side. Came for Freeman's mind, stayed for the Game dungeon. And since it's Halloween, it's a perfect day for me to inject myself in here as well.
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