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  1. justlexi

    Introduce Yourself!

    I forgot to create my introduction. Aside from being a gamer, I am also a dog owner. I have a husky and a couple of days ago I did get a 3-month old Maltese. To ensure the tiny dog safety I have decided to set up a wooden pet gate. Hoping that in no time my husky and Elle the Maltese will be able to get along so well.
  2. justlexi

    Last Game You Played

    Devil May Cry is the latest game that I am playing. I can't finish it yet since I've been busy for the last couple of days.
  3. justlexi

    Games you bought recently

    Days Gone is my recent purchase, haven't played it yet since I am not yet done playing DMC5.
  4. justlexi

    What are you listening to?

    Shape of You - Ed Sheeran
  5. justlexi

    Say Cheese, Ross.

    Hand looks a bit creepy but the face tells a story.

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