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  1. Timo425

    Post your setup!

    Not to mention that I use 2 monitors and have twitch or youtube playing on 2nd monitor while I play lol
  2. Timo425

    Post your setup!

    I previously had an i5-6500, so it was a considerable jump. I felt like I couldn't get a better gpu without it considerably bottlenecking it.
  3. Timo425

    Post your setup!

    Just got my 3700x up and running. But I will wait for 3rd party 5700 XT to replace my reference rx 480 (which I damaged a bit by mining while having it overclocked lol, but it still works fine if I underclock it a bit).
  4. Timo425

    PC Game Review: Quake

    One of my first games, it absolutely drew me in as a 9 year old. One of my favorites. Favourite game soundtrack too, though I only came to hear it much later.

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