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  1. Oh wow, looking at the trailer it feels like it is heavily Cities Skylines-like. I love Cities Skylines. I think I will like it as well.
  2. Firefox was just as slow, sadly. Chrome worked a just a little bit better but it's just a massive oversight by the distributor, I think, to install Win10 on a hardware that was clearly designed for win7 at best. I installed Lubuntu, which is very lightweight and boots much faster with most programs (well, I only use it to browse web) run smoother. Windows overall feels like a pain in the back with old hardware.
  3. I guess that helps. The day after this post I installed Lubuntu, which seems to work fine. I will definitely consider Mint though, offers some cool stuff. Thanks for the advice
  4. Hi! I recently bought a new gaming pc that completely outclasses my previous puny laptop. I use my new computer for most of my things in home, while I take the laptop to school, vacations etc. Hardware on the laptop is pretty sub-par, 4 gigs of RAM, i3 7th gen and it came with Windows 10 pre-installed. It is pretty slow, however. I cannot use MS Office without it freezing for several minutes, it sometimes takes it 3-4 minutes to open Opera. I think those things should not take this much time, even in this hardware. I remember using desktops and laptops of similar hardware which run a lot smoother than that. I tend to blame Windows 10 since I used "recovery" to install a fresh Windows 10 and it did not improve anything. I am thinking of reverting to Windows 7. Is there a precedent that this would improve the performance?
  5. It is my first post! TPBM has started reading a lot of books but did not finish them and suffers from anxiety as half-read books pile up
  6. Works with Unity. I liked how the menu button works. Fun to explore world, weird and interesting characters. It also lets you ride trains, which is something very rare in video games to be fair.
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