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  1. Hey, can I join? Is it still active?
  2. Initial twenty minutes were very freaky. The following hour was still scary. Then I lost interest as it felt a little empty. I'd recommend on sale.
  3. Make the scratchiness smoother and perhaps add a "shifting symbols at random intervals every 20 days" and this Eucledian geometry skin might be the closest I can get to feeling like a devil-summoning wizard whose magic works only through Windows. EuclideampGeometry.wsz Love it.
  4. I've seen enough wild foxes to know you have to do what the fox with the runic circle says.
  5. It looks like someone looked at Banished and went: "okay, we can do that cheaply, and add a TON of depth and mechanics to that". "Yeah, but isn't that like doing an expansion pack for a different game?" "Your point..?" Definitively checking this out when it is cheaper than a London pint.
  6. Watching Ross play this game gave me an entire roadmap on how to start an indie game developer.
  7. Just finished The Fall 2: Unbound. Getting better! Story built a crescendo that didn't quite land, but still a very enjoyable and haunting ride. While you didn't know what was going on exactly. I think this game benefits from you looking at the trailer before hand. But those fucking controls. And puzzles. At least the moon logic is out of the window. Replaced with mostly "click on everything". Yet, the game doesn't let you click, instead following a broken "character looks at where mouse is, but mouse is invisible" thing. I would often click on my second screen and come out of the game. Broken. But if you can power through that, it's five-six hours of sci fi delight, with great voice acting that really does carry some wonderful AI personalities. Just, man, those controls...
  8. The puzzles were very much "fuck's sake, now it makes sense". Very much asking you to solve a puzzle, but hiding the puzzle pieces behind a hidden panel behind a sofa in a disused secret room with no plans on how to get there. And the controllers were acting up the whole time for me. I hope that's fixed on the sequel because ARID's evolution from AI doing her job to "oh, I am alive" is terrifyingly good. And the trailer for the sequel really got me interested. If only the aim would be automatic to the direction you're looking at, rather than controlled by the mouse direction. I feel DEX did the controls a lot better. And the music. Regardless, recommended!
  9. I've had this game for years on PS3, but something about owning digital games on a console have always left me... I dunno, they feel even more ethereal and not THERE than games on my PC. Maybe because I am constantly looking at my game list there? Who knows. Great platformer. Beutiful atmosphere. Neat lore. It is one of those times Ubisoft gave money to experimental development and it worked really well. Should finish it one day. It's been like ten years now.
  10. Bad title. But it doesn't lie. It is a story about someone's uncle! Can't say I remember who the uncle was. Genious inventor. A bit tepid. Like weak tea left out too long. Clever gameplay, gorgeous scenery. It is experimenting a lot and it is great for it. I think they could've made the fairy tale store less textual. Give us more to figure out, keep the mystery going. Overall, I would put it with The Unfinished Swan as the only two fairy tale book-style games I've ever personally played.
  11. This game actually spooked me. The story AND the music kept me coming back. The pixel-perfect (and with this level of detail you can just realise how nice putting the three pixel candle on top of the three pixel... thing, fuck, that was a medallion? It looks like anything!) and sometimes unlogic puzzles kept me going for guides. A lot. So, lots of good on one side, madness on the other. The scale evens out mostly, but it will start acting up. It will sometimes smack you in the face when you come for a closer look.
  12. I got to play this game because, well, I live in Wales and gotta support local developers. It is a little bit... janky. Studio's first creation. But what they do with the subject matter is wonderful. Gives me a SHODAN vibe, with something else I cannot quite recall. The art direction goes a long way, making it look outright beautiful in some parts. Low polygons, amazing lighting. It is not a precursor of things to come for Wales Interactive, but, damn, it is nice. I stopped playing it because of a system crash, and has been on my "get back to it" list for months.
  13. I first learned of this game through Noah Caldwel-Gervais, and I got interested enough to research Let's Plays and now... well, only if it is super-mega cheap I'll give it a go for the same reasons described above.
  14. With a title like that, this is essentially asking me to huff the paint, but in a cuter, more wholesome way.
  15. Am I the only one who thinks the art style really contradicts the tone the voices are giving?
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