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  1. Great video Ross. Especially liked the part where you ravaged Microsoft and compared them to the movie companies during the Golden Age of Cinema having owning their own film theaters to restrict the watching of films into their own money making ecosystem. In completely unrelated news, news broke on August 7th (read as: the day before you released this video) that the antitrust rules barring movie companies from owning their own film theaters have been swept away. https://variety.com/2020/film/news/paramount-antitrust-consent-decrees-eliminated-1234728696/ Hail to the prophet.
  2. Starsector has been an absolute blast. By the time I finished Ssethtzeentach's review of the game I didn't even use his key, just straight up bought my own copy and haven't regreted it. The lack of endgame content is a bit lame but the combat is so good and the stuff to do in between manages to be so engaging, I just know I'll be playing this one for a while
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