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  1. Good/Great: I know I already review this, but I since revisited it. It is really good, but make sure you pull one of the builds from the forums and play on a harder difficulty.
  2. Pass: Bought it, Played for 30min, Refunded it.
  3. Hazy: You know the tvtrope Dev team thinks of everything. That is the entire and only purpose of this game.
  4. Good/Great: This is another one of those games that would have an absolutely fantastic sequel.
  5. Love/Hate: The game is a pretty good platformer bookended by an absolute garbage space shooter.
  6. Pass: Immediately checked out after 10 minutes.
  7. Love/Hate: Played for about 10 hrs, stopped playing, never picked it back up.
  8. Hazy: Its like that show Becker, you know with Ted Danson? I watched the entire run of that show hoping that it would get better, and it never did. It had all the right pieces, but it just - it couldn't put them together.
  9. Pass: I tried on four separate occasions to get into it.
  10. Fantastic: This is one of my favorite games. It's more of a roleplay game than a strategy game though.
  11. Hazy: Good Music, Unique Settings, Underdeveloped mechanics, Incoherent story
  12. Doubt: Plays like Fallout 2 but something is missing.
  13. Pass: This is why procedurally generated Metroidvanias are not a good idea.
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