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  1. Happy to say I thouroughly enjoyed this game as the combat is excellent and well designed, while the visuals are quite vibrant and interesting. Each enemy encounter seems to be hand made and poses a unique challange depending on the composition of the enemy and your team and their rather expansive selection of unique abilities. That being said, thats all there is to offer in this game, everything else is not really noteworthy.
  2. Nice bite sized walker with a good vibe to it. Not something I'd exactly recommend but would look out for whatever else this author made.
  3. This was very enjoyable, immersive and didn't feel like it was wasting my time as I feared. No matter when, I was always engaged with the game world, looking out for enemies that litter the forest and trying to figure out where the creature I was hunting was. Most monsters die in either one or two shots and you only have a rifle, pistol and saber for backup and melee is a risky prospect. This makes the early game very difficult more so than the late game, since as you explore and gain money you can find and buy books which give you abilities. These make a BIG difference and you'll be dominating breathing a lot easier in the late game. For the 8€ I spent on it, I am very pleased by it and will probably buy the one man devs next game.
  4. That's a sick poster, though I wonder what Contraption Zack is thinking with that look in his eyes.
  5. I was actually planning on playing this since I generally like the developers other works. The Pass rating gives me a bit of doubt and I would like the hear anyone elses feedback.
  6. This looks absolutely sick and kind of a dream game, though I am worried I might lose my patience/start feeling like I am wasting my time just waiting when I could be doing anything else.
  7. Although I enjoyed it through to the end, the game is a walking simulator with little to no depth. The various RPG mechanics are negligble and the stealth sections are basic. I will say that, I was never sick of doing the same thing over and over as the game kept throwing varied stuff at me. As for the story it is a bit generic, if you've read a Lovecraft story or one inspired by it, you already know what to expect. I will say the atmosphere is excellent and if the story had thrown something unexpected and dusturbing at me I would have loved it. As is, I just enjoyed it and would seldom recommend it at a low price of...I dunno 6€?
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