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  1. You seem like a fellow who's played a bunch of this game. I just started. At first, i could play solo, which was great for getting to know the game. But later on i accidentally put it in multiplayer mode and i just dont wanna play like that. how do i get back to solo mode?
  2. Dear Ross, In a recent live stream, I wanted to ask if you take regular days off: days where you have nothing to do except relax and enjoy life. Well before I even asked, you answered by saying that you haven't really had a day off (or maybe time off) since you were in your 20s, and that you were going to take a vacation. This was simultaneously heartening and horrifying for me: heartening to hear that you were going to take a vacation, but horrifying that you haven't for so long. And I wasn't the only one, based on the responses to "A Drastic Proposal: Time Off for Ross" and "Ross, take off as much time as you want, screw those redditors!" So this is an open letter directly to you, to encourage you to take it easy. Or, if you have trouble doing that because of habit or financial necessity, try to take it easier. I put a poll on the "Drastic Proposal" thread, asking people if you should take more time off, or none at all. Well some 92% of people thought you should at least take more time off, and 86% of people thought you should get 1 day off a week after chores PLUS vacation time and holidays. Some responders went further than I did. The goal of that poll and this letter was never to manage your time for you - since mad people tend to have odd ways of managing our madness, and turning it into entertainment. But there is an overarching goal of all of this: TAKE IT EASIER. Please take MORE vacations, MORE days off, and MORE time to celebrate your favorite holidays. This is partly for your benefit, but its also a selfish desire: well-rested creators can be more creative. It's hard to come up with jokes when you're sleep deprived! It's hard to get time to explore games if you're constantly worrying about your work. It's hard to make excellent work if you're missing time with those you love. So I think the easier you take it, the better your videos will be (not that they don't rock already. There's a reason you have a cult-like fanbase). But again, this isn't totally selfish: even if the quality or the frequency of uploads suffer, I would still support you taking more time off. Now this is long enough already, so most of what follows will be quotes from other people. I'm not the only one who feels this way. I'll be pulling this list from the comments on those two above links, but if I email I'll also pull comments from the reddit letter and the mirror on the Accursed Farms forum too. Hope you have a kickass vacation, and that you're neglecting to read this while hanging out on a Polish beach somewhere. Best Wishes, A Loyal Fan (jack_hectic/jackinthebox/Professor Newman) P.S. If you only read one comment from your fans, read this suggestion from u/RCDv57. It may be useful especially for a unique creator like you: P.P.S. The quotes! To start with, a comment from b14ckm4g1c on the forums: And another from there by Interlinked: As for reddit, there's u/_TickleMeElmo_: Finally, the best ideas came from u/RCDv57. I included his best idea all the way back up as the first P.S., but here it is in full: P.P.P.S. I may be emailing this to Ross as well, to make sure he sees it at some point.
  3. ALRIGHT, SO THE FINAL VOTE COUNT IS IN: Somewhere in the middle: 5 votes GET BACK TO WORK MAGGOT!: 7 votes Let Ross eat time off: 76 votes That comes out to 86% in favor of the rough amount of time off i wanted to recommend, and only 8% of folks against. And I bet even they were just joking around, not really serious. I would love to hear your all's input on the stuff we talked about there. A Drastic Proposal: Time Off for Ross
  4. I'm guessing it isnt a GD episode, as I've watched and rewatched all of those multiple times probably a videochat (one of the very very few you watched) or a random video
  5. Did he get a honeymoon? I'm a fairly new fan, only for like... Maybe 2-3 years?
  6. You all might be surprised at how reddit is reacting to a proposal I made there for Ross to take EVEN MORE time off, on a regular basis. I'm totally on board with him taking all the time he wants, but he seems like he won't unless we like, pressure him to take it easy and relax. If you wanna see the response I'm getting though, check out A Drastic Proposal: Time Off for Ross. So far, people overwhelmingly support him being a nicer boss to himself.
  7. It's my first post. Lemme know if linking to videos is okay or not. Anyway- You guys seen this guy's video? Explained one problem with 3d things. I figure Ross already know this, but... maybe he doesn't! Also, this isnt ripping on 3D, this is more calling attention to a thing to be fixed/thought about when one is making 3d things. The TLDR of the video though is, don't have anything appear closer to the viewer than the screen is. the screen is the hard limit of the closest an object should be. Everything should sink back into the screen, rather than pop out from it. Otherwise... "Why 3D sucks - the vergence accommodation conflict" by Steve Mould
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