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  1. Does anyone else remember this game? I have very old memories of playing the demo from a PC Gamer magazine demo disc, but when I started searching around for it, it seems to be practically absent from the internet aside from old period reviews. It was a pretty interesting game, at least it seemed to me as a kid. You had to negotiate through the map using mostly stealth, and you had to stave off the cold by starting campfires, cooking food you hunted, etc.
  2. I think this one is going to be one of those endlessly rewatcheable episodes.
  3. Can't wait for this year's Halloween game dungeon. I have one question which I'll post here since I don't use Reddit: I have a Polish friend (upper middle class, professional career) who describes living in Poland right now to be like "one big mental hospistal" and that the inflation and rise in prices is at an astonishing rate. I'm not sure if you can sense the first part, but is the second part relatable to you, Ross?
  4. Getting burned out and not being able to produce anything is not a good thing, so taking a break isn't just acceptable, but recommended.
  5. Dang, wish I'd found that one. That's a really cool skin.
  6. BlackAmp_1_11 (https://skins.webamp.org/skin/eb9356098b4d4858932de8d443b34f6c/BlackAmp_1_11.wsz/) I love combinations of yellow and orange on a dark background.
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