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  1. is that to imply it's going to be on a greater scale then just national politics? Are we too expect, in the future European style riots and protests against the govt more often? Or perhaps something darker/brighter?
  2. It's as the title says. After what happened yesterday (Dating this post to January 7th, on the 6th Trump supporters in a protest/riot (Depending on your definition please don't lynch me) stormed the Capitol building and forced US senators and house representatives to evacuate), where does american politics go from here? American politics has sort of existed up to this point on the idea of civility, or at the very least the idea that the people let their representatives do the work. The way I see it, people might be more emboldened to just storm govt buildings. So, where do we go from here? Is this a good thing? A bad thing? I really have no clue, and am kind of just processing all of them.
  3. Hey Ross, I saw this and I knew I had to come in and talk about the game! Needless to say, it's great, dare I say amazing, especially if you've lived somewhere it snows a lot. Coming from an area where it once got -50 windchills with a foot of snow, this game spoke to me. As it says on the tin, you're basically dropped off on an Alaskan/Canadian (I could less at the distinction lol), island after an apocalyptic event (solar flare destroying all the power) and are forced to survive. There are light RPG elements, but those run mostly in the background, and will improve the more you do certain tasks. Is it a bit repetitive? Yes, you know what else is repetitive: Chopping snow daily to survive. The game's mechanics, while obtuse at times, serve only to further its desolate and bleak atmosphere. But you can FEEL the game reaching out to you. When you're cold and starving in the game, you almost feel it. When you're warm with plenty of food stocked up, you feel that as well. It's also nice inasmuch as you really don't need a a guide to play it, moreso common sense. Like a caveman smash two rocks together, you'll pick it up in time as mess around with things. Also, as opposed to the other posters here, I'd argue the game is best played freeplay style. The main story is too railroaded in my opinion, and just detracts from the overall atmosphere it's trying to construct.
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