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  1. I have fallen asleep to Game Dungeon several times, and not from boredom. Strangely soothing.
  2. Would love to see coverage of either Jet Grind Radio or Jet Set Radio. Enormously unique style in those games. And when on earth will we ever see a rerelease or sequel to Jet Set Radio Future (xbox)?
  3. Since this was in the forum description - "Aspiring soundtrack composers can also show off their stuff here." Hey Ross, fellow AF forum users, Just wanted to share some original music of mine that is free to download & use in your videos or other projects. Probably not everyone's cup of tea, but there's a small range of style including contemplative piano, chiptune, and upbeat drum & bass / techno. Feel free to download and use, credit is appreciated but not required. And thank you Ross for the awesome content over the years. Game Dungeon is an absolute treasure of a series! Here is a link to the music: https://watermusic34.bandcamp.com
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