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Here’s an update plus a link for asking question on the next videochat.

First, I’m afraid both Ross’s Game Dungeon and Freeman’s Mind 2 are running late. They’re not on hold, they’re just both taking longer than I hoped. Freeman’s Mind is taking longer to multiple bugs I’ve run into that weren’t present for me in HL:Source. I think I’ll be able to get them ironed out, but it surprising how much it’s slowed things down for me. The next Game Dungeon is simply just a huge episode with some complications. All I can say it’s a game worthy of taking up this much time. I’m hoping to have the Game Dungeon sometime in early July and Freeman’s Mind ASAP after that. Assuming I don’t run into new major bugs, I’m hoping to have two FM2 episodes for July, but obviously, I can’t promise anything when it comes to dates.

Anyway, the next videochat will be live 4PM EST on July 2nd at You can ask questions you’d like me to answer here and I’ll prioritize those with the most votes.


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