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Getting my first tattoo done soon *Results*

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Yo I just booked an appointment to get my first tattoo done. I'm just wondering if anyone here has one and maybe they could tell me how painful it is getting it done and how long it should take to heel and after care tips and stuff like that. I'm getting this on my shoulder but with black outlines.


Here is the results



Did you get the tattoo because it looked cool? Or did you get it because of the band? :o


I'm wondering because I absolutely love Within Temptation.


Both. I freakin' love them, gonna see them in November gonna try and get Sharon or Rob to sign my arm so I can get that tattoo'd aswell


Marry me. lol


In all seriousness, you're one very lucky person. I've been wanting to see them live for ages. I don't think I'll ever get the chance.

"I am Captain Gordon Freeman of the Intergalactic House of Pancakes ordering you to open!"

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