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Tales of Yendor (a.k.a. Yendorian Tales)

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This is an old game, that doesn't seem to have much of a presence on the internet.


I discovered it back when a friend from Eastern Poland gave me one of his local demo discs (floppy) that he made him self with an assortment of games. This one was on it and I had a few memories playing it back in the mid 90's.


15 years later I discovered it again after trying to remember what the name was... yonder, yoster egg, yendor, something like that... anyway, I just want to post some pictures and add some tags in case anyone ever finds it somewhere on the internet again via this thread.


Synopsis: It's basically an adventure game, in which you choose your character, and add people to your party and you go around, frame by frame, finding your way to complete some objective.




I can't even remember what that objective was... Attacking creatures that appear on your screen. Giant centipedes, evil mages, and other foes with magic and weapons.




It's turn based, and requires you to battle tonnes of baddies that will most likely kill you if your stats aren't good enough to not to keep missing each attack you throw at it.


Tags: Yendorian Tales: The Tyrants of Thaine, Yendorian Tales Book I: Chapter 2, Orb of Zamora, Might & Magic, RPG, GameHead, SW Games, OMF, One Must Fall 2097, Amulet of Yendor, Wizard of Yendor, etc.

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It's basically an old ripoff of the "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" series of games... List here...


I had this game illegally back shortly after it came out (my brother shoplifted it) and noticed the similarities immediately.

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