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As advanced as games have become and seek to become, there is some irrevocable charm to the days of 8-bit and 16-bit. In my mind some of their greatest attributes come from their look and their sound, but obviously gameplay would have an impact on why they've been so long lasting in lieu of their likability.

I've just been spending the past while listening to Chip tunes and other 8-bit music, and its lack of complexity still has a lot to read into. It's just so much fun. I'm sure there are memories or other things you recall about the years of yore, anywhere from pac-man to Super Mario World..

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I've always thought this kind of nostalgia was silly. 8 bit graphics and sound were born out of hardware limitations. Why is it people have it in their head that there's something romantic and cool about blocky pixel sprites?

I think it's simply the generation's normal nostalgia for youth, associated with the video games they played as a kid. People wish to return to the time when they were young, and in that time, they happened to be playing 8 bit games. It's silly. Games aren't about the graphics. They're about the ideas expressed.

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Games aren't about the graphics. They're about the ideas expressed.

Yes, which is why we lament the loss of the old style, where the only way to sell a game was through the gameplay and story, not graphics.


Old game that I really loved to hate: "Gateway 2: Homeworld"

A classic DOS text-based adventure.

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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