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RAM problems! D:

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Alright, so I'm no hardware expert, I have exceptional software knowledge for my age.


I bought a 2GB DDR3 RAM module for my Toshiba Satellite C655-S5123, It arrived just yesterday.


In order, here are the steps in which I installed it:

1) Powered down my PC

2) Removed the battery

3) Removed the panel on the bottom of my laptop

4) Inserted the RAM module

5) Screwed the panel back on

6) Put my battery back in

7) Powered my PC up


Nothing happened.


Did I mess something up? I installed it to the top RAM slot, the one above my pre-installed RAM module.


Thanks in advance.

Also known as "Username"

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There's only three things that could've done it.


You didn't insert it properly....


Wrong Ram type....


Something else isn't connected properly due to you disconnecting it while opening panel....


To check if it's ram:


Remove new ram and put old ram and see if the computer works then.


For Failure to add ram I have to press my epic fail button though



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