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Ok here's how it goes someone posts something funny/witty/pick any thing and the next prison gives it a 1-10 and also posts something lol worthy and so on and so forth I'll start


Time with family is like medicine... Too much will kill you

non-euclidean fuck machine

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alphabetagamma I give that a 4 it was ok

Axeldeath you need to post something funny as well as a rating



Teacher: Look, the equation is simple. If u have 5 bottles in one hand and 6 in another what do I have?

Student: A drinking problem?

Teacher: NO!! THE ANSWER IS 11 BOTTLES!!! 11!!

Student: That's still a lot. You should maybe look into counselling.

non-euclidean fuck machine

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6/10 Not that great, but I am amused


Anti-pick-up line:

"You must have dandruff because your powder level is OVER 9000!"

Life is just a time trial; it's all about how many happy points you can earn in a set period of time

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