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This thread is for posting music reviews, be it an entire album, a new single, ep or just a song, here's your chance to write your opinion.


I'll start off with the latest release from Norwegian electro-rockers Apoptygma Berzerk.




Apop's new Black EP vol 2 is an American exclusive that will most likely also attract fans from all over the world as it contains a lot of brand new exclusive tracks that have never been released before, unlike the previous Black EP which only contained previously released tracks from Europe. Apoptygma Berzerk is quite a difficult band to classify. From the beginning in 1991 up until present day, they have consistently been changing their sound, going from dark EBM to synthpop to futurepop to alternative rock, though the band has always made sure to do their very best. And this is also true in the vein of remixes. Each remix on this EP has been brilliantly crafted to change the original alternative rock tracks into hard-hitting dancefloor killers. Other than the awesome remixes, the EP comes with two brand new tracks from the band itself, including a beautiful cover of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart", and in true Apop vein, the cover might just be slightly better than the original, as it is obviously done with a ton of respect and love for the source material, giving it the treatment it deserves. The other new gem is the track "Adrift", an 8bit influenced melancholic song about isolation. Is this EP a nod to future releases from the band? It could be, and it could not, but that is the magic about Apoptygma Berzerk, never knowing what to expect.


As a bonus to those spoiled brats with a smartphone, there's a scanable QR code on the cover art.

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Spencer & Hill - Flat E.P.


Um... What do I have to say about this. I guess I'll start from the beginning. If you don't know, Spencer & Hill are a German producer duo. They are almost strictly Electro and Fidget House. They typically use vocals to compliment their music, even though neither of them actually sing or do any vocals (they might on a couple songs, I don't know for sure though). On the A side of this EP, you have Flat (surprise right). This song is their main song obviously, and acts like it. It's amazing, hard hitting, and the vocals just make it complete. I give this song an 8.5/10 just because there was still room for improvement.


Next you have the B side, which consists of Young Love and So Dance. I'll start with Young Love since it comes first. This song is a great song in general. The vocals compliment the rest of the song nicely and it's Prog-Like pluck just brings it together (this was created in 2009, so plucks didn't venture too much out of Prog territory at that time). It's chorus keeps the pluck but the Electro-House song is apparent. It comes together nicely and for a B-Side song, it comes at an easy 9. It felt like it could be an A-Side song if they wanted it too.


Finally, we have So Dance. This is one of my favorite songs mostly because this was the first Spencer & Hill song I had ever heard. This song is just amazing, the vocals are amazing, especially for this song. The chorus is an amazingly done Fidget-House chorus that shows influence in todays music (see Mord Fustang and Skrillex). While it may not be exactly like the newer Electro and Fidget-House, you can see this song helped nudge it in that direction. Now don't get me wrong, there were other songs like this at the time but this was another song that served as sort of a transition to where a lot of Fidget House is today.


I give this EP a 9/10. Tell me if I am wrong with any of this info (I have listened to Electro-House since 2008 but have only listened to Fidget House since 2010).

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Pretty accurate. I see you know your genre. :) Fidget House is basically most of the house songs you hear on the radio (nowadays), famous bands/DJs being Bloody Beetroots, LMFAO. Characteristic of fidget house is a dominant wobbly bass.


Also Electro House has a slightly dominant bass-line while Fidget takes it a step further and has a super Dominant Bass Line.


I would agree that Spencer & Hill definetly influenced Fidget House. Most of their stuff as far as I know is Prog Electro House. (Dominant Bassline, Progressive Structure)

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this is currently my favorite song.


the singing in this song is great, the lyrics has much significance to me because i'm a big fan of The Rev(Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan, this song is based to his memory)...i didn't like the song at first because i wasn't a huge fan of a "country" sounding song, for want of a better adjective, but i decided to give it a chance. one part i'd like to point out is the bridge, the part where they begin to show video clips, and then it explodes into a solo, i absolutely love that kinda thing in music.

but back to the lyrics; they're basically telling you life's short, you'll always be remembered, and i'll join you soon. ain't that the truth. my only real complaint is that it's too short, and doesn't, in my opinion, do Jimmy's death justice.

in the end it's a solid 8.9/10 for me.


i both love this song, and hate that it had to be written.

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I think the name of the song is "Where'd You Go". This is my favorite song, probably because I've had a lot of people leave out of my life that wish didn't. I give this song 5 stars.

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