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need movie recommendations.

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guys, i need a hand. you see, next year i'll have to write a 4000 word extended essay on any topic related to irish culture or history. my idea is to write about how some movies depicted the war of independence (1919-1921).


mind recommending me a few movies on the topic to have a look at? (already saw Michael Collins).


thank ye in advance, lads (and lasses).



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Braveheart and Highlander...wait, that's Scotland.


I really know of NO movies about Irish independence. There's one John Wayne movie where he plays an Irishman, but it was about marriage and possibly horse racing. I can't remember. Sorry I was of no help...

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The Wind that shakes the Barley. It's the setting and time you're looking for. Though I haven't seen it. So i don't know if it's worth your time.



If you're going to write about movie depictions than watch all 4 or 5 movies that pertain to the war of independence. There's a film list near the bottom of the wiki article for it. Write down the key points, pro/anti of each movie. Exaggerated, glorified or unbiased, etc. which are accurate, and so forth.

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Anyone have reccomendations for what movie I should seek out if I liked Moon (starring Sam Rockwell and Sam Rockwell)?

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