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  1. Bring on the Zombie Apocalypse plz. I rather take my chances than keep going in this direction. Kthxbai.
  2. Toilet Paper. Or at least running water for a bidet. Shit Crusted anus is not a future worth having.
  3. I found it. I finally found it! A HQ recording of Shostakovich symphony 11, and it's insane ending!! MWAHAHAH K_EfFI46Q-E 58:04
  4. If it makes me wanna dance, I listen to it. Otherwise, instrumental music, some metal, ocremix, downtempo, rarely chillstep, some electronic, Various era's of classical; generally romantic.
  5. So it's been a long time since the last season finished. I think the series might be over. The new series by the same creators is Mega Man Dies At The End Here's the trailer. Looks fun. Though more story based then Sonic4Hire. KxN2-KTCyUo Also the first episode fx-ZtB12gSw I figure, same guys, same thread. Are you alright with that Sin?
  6. WonSul

    Joke Thread.

    This isn't a joke in words so much as it is just pure hilarious joy. VwwOhGLV8o8 Check out some of his other vids if you want your face to hurt.
  7. Writing out long math shit while listening to Kyle Cease. This guy handles heckler's during his comedy routines like a fucking BOSS. I mean Holy shit. Enjoy EytsntHxJ5c
  8. 1IsBbK1PhtE First time listening to Adema since almost a decade ago.
  9. WonSul


    Yeah well i think its only USA and Canada that uses those. restricted bathroom access... The rage that would cause =] I'm from Canada, and until I looked it up, I had no idea wtf a hallpass was. I guess we have them according to wikipedia but I can only assume it's a rare thing.
  10. Shinjuku Incident 7/10 I finished the movie and felt completely unsatisfied. It wasn't a bad movie, I just don't particularly like crime drama's that are focused on gangsters.
  11. Watching Doraleous and Associates. An absolutely hilarious series. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/doraleous-and-associates/1409-Episode-One-Open-For-Business
  12. UjGSeqv3nwo I don't normally like singing but this is great. Too bad it's still almost a year away.
  13. "With Billiards, like many things in life, You're only as good as your equipment." Lol, Hiccups what a hilarious show.
  14. I'm surprised people here watch this show. I mentioned it months back in the favorite machinima thread but no one seemed to be interested. viewtopic.php?f=12&t=734&start=40 Personally I like the word play and some of the lowbrow comedy. It's really hit or miss but the hits are often hilarious. btw Season 1 > Season 2
  15. It was interesting. They handled some ideas well but the movie felt like it came up short in many departments. You can't really invest in it. And the action wasn't very good. Like it's been mentioned, the ending was pretty mediocre. I didn't really walk away from the movie with anything. Besides lost time. Unless that was the point? the movie is meant to be like an abduction experience? You go in expecting a decent plot and character development only to find yourself outside a theater with flashbacks of some sci-fi western you think you may have watched. The only thing you know for sure is that you're out $12 and your ass feels funny.
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