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So thought I'd contribute to this by typing in 'obscure pc games' on Google.


But all I got was this.


So, I'm putting this here because I'd never heard of it, it's a PC game...and it's name is ObsCure. So...yeah. I'm not actually sure if this can be classified as obscure.



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I beat this one around Halloween. It's basically a high school horror movie version of Resident Evil with the same classic control scheme. Some of the music in it is pretty nice actually, the rest is more boiler plate. If you're like me and have played some 80-90% of horror games out there and want a new fix, it's alright, otherwise I'd say it's pretty forgettable. Gameplay and storywise, it's hard to get much more average than this. Also, like "Two Worlds," I have no idea why it's named ObsCure.

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