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Voice actors needed.

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Hey guys, just wanted to leave this post here. It was written by my friend and has been posted on a couple of VA boards. It's a machinima he and myself are creating and directing





This project will be a medium length short-film running for roughly 10-20 minutes.

All footage will be recorded in a game I often play (as opposed to real life)


You can click here to see my channel and what type of videos I produce. Or click

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wviN7DeUqDo to see a previous video I directed (which will be the best representation of what this will be like).

I got some of my friends to do recording for that video so the dialogue was greatly restricted!


There are five characters in the film-will go into more detail further on- and I dont mind if they are all done by the same person.


You may have noticed the name "Wolfception" and wondered where it came from. Well, this film is a re-make of the popular feature-film Inception.

If you have seen Inception you may find this very enjoyable!

If you haven't,

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66TuSJo4dZM is the trailer.


PS: I have mixed the story's plot up quite alot


At the moment I have no means of payment so all work will have to be voluntary. Not sure if many people are up for that, but i would love you if you are :)

Of course I will do my best to get your name out there and give you heaps of credit!


(Each character will be defined by their in-game class)

Character 1 - MedicTHIS PART IS TAKEN





This is the main character. He will be re-enacting Leonardo De-Caprio's performance as Mr. Cobb. (a very difficult part, I know)


His vocals vary depence as a; medium-low, relaxed yet harsh tone.


Audition Lines:

1. One hour?! Wha- we were only talking for like 5 minutes.


2. We had a deal! A deal that would set everything right. He back-stabbed us. He abducted my family. He took my home, and left me with nothing.


3. Ive come for you. To remind you of something. Something you once knew. That this world is not real.



4. You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling.


Character 2 - Covert Op THIS PART IS TAKEN





The Covert Op is comparable to Eames from Inception.

He also has a mid-tone relaxed voice. Although with a (very)slight British accent.


Audition Lines:

1. By taking over the completion part, now this is where you need me. I host the server for the game, I bring the subject into that game, and they start completing objectives.


2. Now in a game our mind continuously does this. We perceive and complete our activities simultaneously and our mind does this so well we don’t even know it’s happening. That allows us to get right in the middle of that process.


3. *whispers* shit. *normal*There’s still plenty of guards, we need to go deeper. Can you take care of us?


Character 3 - EngineerTHIS PART IS TAKEN





The Engineer will be playing the part of Arthur.

Arthur has a medium-toned smooth voice which sometimes sounds panicked.


Audition lines:

1. I think I know someone. Someone that can help us.


2. We need to use the game to kill someone. Someone who betrayed us someone, who is well guarded.


3. Woah. Are you guys okay? What heppened down there? Cobb?


Character 4 - Field Op





The Field Op will play the part of Robert Fischer.

Although Fischer has a very neutral accent, the in-game model is based around an African American, so the accent must suit that.

Feel free to play round with the tones/pitch :)


Audition lines:

1. Its why game developers made multiplayer games. It was a training program for gamers to shoot and stab and strangle each other.


2. Then you would be stuck, in the game. You would loose your grasp of reality. It would become, your reality.


3. ahh crap. Okay, now how did this work again.. Everyone! Follo-.. you-.. *inhales sharply* we gotta get outta here. So.. lets go! (sorry for poor structure)


Character 5 - Axis





The Axis will play the role of Saito. Saito's scripting will be towards the ending scene where he also has an aged voice with a prominent Asian accent. (He is also view-able in the ending scene linked above)


Audition lines.

1. Are you here to kill me? I know what this is. Ive seen one before.. many many years ago. It belonged to a man I once met, in a half remembered game. A man possessed by some radical motions.


2. To convince me to honor our arrangement.


Those are his only lines so a very short part.


Misc Characters


There are only a few very short lines which should make for easy acting.


Recording & Sending Information


Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]

I do not mind which audio format you use, although mono or stereo would be alot easier.

Clips can be merged into one file or sent as multiple small files, i dont mind.




The deadline for auditions is in 5 days time from now. ie: Deadline removed.


Post script: I am simply a humble 16 y/o with great ambitions of creating an epic remake of my all time favorite movie. And eventually building up my own studio in my spare time (I have a lot of it at the moment). Any help is much appreciated! ;D

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Back before Machinima.com nuked their forums, it used to be any thread requesting voice actors got responses immediately. I'm wondering where the best forum for that sort of thing now is.

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Could you record an attempt and send it to me at [email protected]?


Then all we need is an African American accent, which has been really hard for me to get. We have CptCool taking the main character's role and a VA from a voice acting board doing Engie and Covert Ops.

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What's going to be the method of getting our lines to you if you do pick one of us? like are we gonna do a Teamspeak session, or just record our lines then send them to you? (this is pretty important information in my case.)

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just record our lines then send them to you


This. I'll send the VA their lines, they record them, then they send them to me.

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