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  1. Replaying Fallout 2 with my buddy. While EXTREMELY drunk
  2. Blade Runner: Electric Boogaloo 9.7/10 I'm sick of Ryan Gosling's dumbass face but holy shit what a movie
  3. A sense of self, I think. At long last.
  4. At a diner in jolly old Perth The owner knew not his food's worth He sold without care His delectable fare For the least weighty prices on earth The mayor of Perth, he did find The diner's fine food on his mind He marched into town Then went and sat down A new favorite meal for to find But nay, this poor legend of Perth Did not know quite what he had birthed As he shoved down his gob The food, like a slob Quite rapidly grew the man's girth The fellow began to to feel load As food, in his gut, took abode He began to expand And alas, the poor man With a thunderous sound did explode. - Yours Truly
  5. You clearly haven'd been to one of the new IMAX VR Arcades.
  6. DUDE I missed the fuck out of you!
  7. Your European is showing. OT: Four Loco and Takis Fuego. Yes I know I'm an unhealthy slob.
  8. Maybe for a time. I've been trying a little harder, recently; forcing out responses. Hopefully, I can get into some kind of groove and I'll find it easy enough to stay, but I tend to go in and out of these phases. It's okay! I like to disappear for years and then come back to add my input to everything so no worries.
  10. Holy shit I did not see that coming. I had to break out of my AF forums semi-retirement to give congratulations on going forward with your transition and glad everything's going well besides! Surprissssssse. And hey long time no see. How's life?
  11. I've been well!! Obvious life has been very exciting for me but ya know. How's life in these parts?
  12. Yeah I was pretty active on the forum a couple/few years ago. Felt like dropping back in and freaking people out because I'm 100% more female now and all that jazz. And thanks! You're sweet.
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