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A New Beginning

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I had a chance to play this game as I can be a fan of the graphic adventure genre. It may be destined for the "obscure" section, but it has appeared on store shelves for now. I'd say this game is a cross between the show Captain Planet and the movie 12 Monkeys, leaning more towards Captain Planet. The target audience kind of confused me, I'd guess it's maybe teens. On one hand it addressed serious adult subjects, like a man undergoing psychological therapy and trying to cope in his retirement for regrets he's had regarding his family, but on the other hand the dialogue would often be presented in a very cliched way, like something out of a Saturday morning cartoon. The game is also extremely preachy and is likely to alienate people because of that.



Graphics: Generally excellent, going with a hand-animated style. Only a 4x3 aspect ratio, but it looks good.


Sound: Good, I even ripped some of the music from the game that wasn't on the official soundtrack.


Gameplay: Pretty good (if you like graphic adventure games). I only had one part I needed to use a hint on.


Ending: (small spoiler) Pretty bad. While the length of it is good, the ending is about the most unsatisfying one I could imagine coming up with. Very anti-climatic and should piss off both people wanting a happy ending and those wanting a tragic one.



Anyway, I'd say this is a niche game with great production value, but appealing to a very small audience. I think it has a lot of avoidable flaws, but I am a little biased in its favor that they had the guts to release something this niche, and I'm generally interested in stuff related to the world going to hell.

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Well the hard copy comes with some swag and a soundtrack CD, though my favorite tracks weren't on that, I had to extract it from the game. The in-game is at a very high bitrate though, so won't lose much by going digital.

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