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Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

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So, since I'm in a pokemon mood and the site seems to not have enough pokemon for my taste, here's a post where you can post your favorites, I'll start things off with my own list, so without further ado, here are my Top 10 Favorite Pokemon:






Scolipede is one of the many bug-type pokemon introduced in the 5th generation of pokemon, and I'll admit that I haven't used one in combat... yet. It's here purely because I love its design, I think it looks cool as well as adorable and I want to use one in a future playthrough.






Ninetails is here because of my love for kitsune (magical foxes in mythology), I simply think ninetails is graceful, pretty and it just looks awesome, though its battle potential is fairly low, so it doesn't have a high entry on the list.






Arcanine, the canine pokemon of the first generation. I like it for similar reasons that I like ninetails, it's graceful and looks cool and it has a aura of power.






Floatzel is the first water type to make it onto this list as it is quite frankly adorable. They are also helpful as they help carry people and pokemon who fall into the water using the inflatable 'inner-tube' on its body.






Kangaskhan is a unique pokemon in that she has a large maternal instinct, and i think she simply looks badass, combined with the fact that I love pokemon who care for others.






Lugia is more or less one of the few legndaries I actually like, I like that it looks like a bird without actually being a bird as well as it being flying/psychic which is a unique typing for legendaries.






I like lucario for it's aura related powers, which I relate with my childhood as I could sense peoples aura, combined with its typing (fighting/steel) being unique among non-legendary pokemon.






Espeon is on this list mostly because I used one and raised it from an egg to the high 90's as well as being adorable. It is also a pokemon that can sense the emotions of those around them.






Ampharos is a pokemon I decided to raise at random once from its Mareep form and found that I really liked it, so much in fact that it became one of my favorites as she was adorable, reliable and had a nice move pool.






And my all time favorite? Miltank. I picked up a miltank after Whitney's miltank wiped the floor with my team for a few days straight I figured I would try out miltank for myself, so I caught one and raised it and oh.my.god! Angel as I called her was a powerhouse on the battle field, not to mention I find miltank adorable and I love milk.


There you have it, my top 10 favorite pokemon, what do you all think? Do you have a list of your own? If so feel free to share it as I would love to hear it.

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Very nice list. Surprising that Miltank would be on the first spot but I know you LOVE milk so... yeah XD

Thanks, miltank made the number one spot from both the fact that I really liked her and the fact that shes a BEAST in battle, and I like milk and chubby girls, sooo yeeaahhhh XD

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Wow hell that's hard.


10. Nidoking




Despite being a total badass, there are a few reasons why Nidoking can't go any higher in the list. He's got some not so good vulnerabilities, being weak to Psychic attacks, ground, water and ice is pretty much vulnerable to at least 3 pokémon in your average team. But it does deserve to be on my list because of his wide variety of avaliable moves, and the fact that I had one at level 100 in Pokémon Fire Red back in 2006.






Another big fat badass, and long time companion to me. Charizard is an indisputable powerhouse but it's LOTS of weaknesses also drag him low on my list. Rock, Water and electric can take down your Charz in a matter of 2 hits. 1 in case of Rock due to his not-so-awesome defense stats. Still, lots of love towards him.






I've had so much fun pissing people off with a Ludicolo. With massive Sp. Def Ludicolo can use a combination of moves to become nearly inmortal on the field. Self-healing and restoring are your best friends when using one of these bastards (oh, and Ice Beam, to keep the flying types at line). Using Leech Seed, Protect and Substitute, Giga Drain, Scald and others is the most fun when used with a Ludicolo.






I've only used these in multiplayer but boy, it's appearance just screams POWER more than 95% of Pokémon out there. It just transmits this vibe of sheer force when used or even seen. Need a reliable revenge killer? just choice scarf one of this mofos and get the outrages going.






Apart from Ludicolo, Rotom is one of the Pokémon I've given the most headaches with. I'm not particularily familiar with it, most of the times it's been asigned to me on random teams and haven't been built by me but boy, when I get one I'm sure the force is on my side. Of all the variants Fan Rotom is my favorite.






Milotics are all about beauty, and walls. Thunderbolt? Leaf Blade? No problem, she can take it. And bite you back in the ass with an Ice Beam or a Waterfall. Good defense, awesome looks and one of the best stories of self-improvement (see Feebas) make him one of my seriously favorite pokémon. Very reliable in combat






Gorgeous. I used to tell my exgf that she was a lot like a Ninetails. Just beautiful, elegant, subtle, intelligent and very powerful underneath all that fluff. (not the same exact words). It's drought ability in later generations makes it a really useful pokémon and it's stats don't dissapoint at all, with decent sp. def a Ninetails can take a Hydro pump any day from most water types, specially if the sun is up and it's not-so-good sp.atk is greatly improved with fire moves.








Metal bird. With the huge ass defense inherited from it's Steel type, this guy is a beast that can withstand anything anyday. The best Fly slave you can probably get IMHO. It's got a pretty good moveset and it's appearance is as badass as non-legendary birds get. I'd use one in any playthrough with confidence



2. Jolteon




The type of Pokémon you know can save your ass when it's the last one left in your party. I'd love to back that argument with reasons like ''oh it's got a great movepool, very flexible'' and etc but it wouldn't be completely accurate. My Jolteon saved me countless times in Gyms and Elite 4 battles when you think everything has gone down the drain. If it's being hit by special attacks it can withstand some serious blows. It goes to hell when the Earthquake comes in though.






I LOVE Ambipom's Technician ability. Combined with stat moves it creates a very reliable damage dealer to any type except steel. Well, you can always put Low Sweep on it, that will benefit from it's ability or even Brick Break and it will totally kick ass. It's just pure awesome even when he's just an aimpon. I seriously underestimated this Pokémon and it's unevolved sibling but when I got to use it and see it in action i was completely amazed. It's got a cute and playful appearance without losing the ''ready to fight anyday'' style.

''Almost everything–all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure–these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.'' - Steve Jobs

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I'm so glad someone else posted their list as well, I see a few on the list that are in my 'honorable mentions' list as well, which is cool :D

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I've been playing one Christal and Emerald, but I know pokemon quite well. Here's my top 10:


1. Swampert.


(This is probably the coolest water pokemon ever)


2. Mightyena



3. Dodrio



4. Breloom



5. Quagsire



6. Butterfree



7. Lairon



8. Ninetails



9. Blaziken


(I didn't played him, but he looks badass)


10. Golduck


"Even if something sounds logical, it doesn't mean it have to be true"

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Butterfree is friggin awesome. Sleep powder + compound eyes really works out to ease legendary-catching. Cool list.

''Almost everything–all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure–these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.'' - Steve Jobs

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