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Favorite parts from Portal 2

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It's just my favorite game overall. I just love it for some reason.


One of my favorite scenes is in Chapter 5, I believe, when Wheatley is attempting to hack the neurotoxin generator .... by talking to the monitor, telling it to shut itself down. As you can expect, it doesn't work, but I still end up watching the entire scene every time I play. :lol:


Also, any part involving birds. Take your pic. ;) (Aperture technology seems to have a case of ornithophobia.)




There's also a really neat scene, right after you get knocked down the elevator shaft. I think you walk through some tunnels, and then look up, and the place is just humongous. It just looks really amazing, especially if you have a somewhat decent computer.

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#1 Cave Johnson's recordings about possible implications of the test´s e.g. your blood turning into peanut butter


#2 Wheatley trying to hack things


#3 I´m in space. Spaaaaace.


And other stuff too but that got mentioned before

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