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Unfortunately the complete lack of weapons in these kind of games renders it pointless to me. In a similar situation in real life, any intelligent person would find SOMETHING to defend themselves with...

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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This game looks really good, but I have to agree with above poster.

Its like EVERY SINGLE horror game coming out is: "Oh shit there are monsters and you have nothing to fight back with! You better run and hide!!"


But for this game, I might make an exception and play it. After Amnesia (which I will admit, was scary until there was a monster around every corner) I havent played much horror.

Last horror game Ive played since Amnesia is Cry of fear (I think), and that was really good.


Outlast seems to have great graphics, so thats always something.

"Life sucks sober!"

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Never played it but saw like hundreds of gameplays and walkthrough, I used to watch some youtubers play horror games recently and I can't say the game is bad. For me, it's one of the best horror game ever made, maybe the story gets a little crappy at the end but it has alot of good, strong terrifying moments (chasing element like in Call of Cthulhu? why not!). Compared to Amnesia it's pretty scary too.


I reccomand this game every to every fan of decent horror games.

"Even if something sounds logical, it doesn't mean it have to be true"

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