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Subtitling/Transcription Freelancing?

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Hello, folks!


As some of you folks know, I do the English language subtitling here at Accursed Farms.


It's tedious work, but I enjoy it, so I had this radical idea about possibly turning this into a paid gig; getting paid to subtitle people's videos, which includes transcribing and timing. It would be freelance work where I would take a video and charge perhaps by the minute of video; I wouldn't want to be actually hired by a captioning company (at least, not yet). Perhaps I could listen to a sample of the video that someone wants to have captions written for and I could contact that person to negotiate terms.


Just wanted to ask you guys what you think of me doing something like this? Was wondering if you had any pointers or ideas about what to charge (a website I found said US$12 per minute of video for transcribing but I'm not sure if that's the going rate or what) or if you had a website that I could look at for more information.


Whaddya think? :think:

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Just so long as you don't start charging Ross...

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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