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CarnEvil 2014?

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So, I'm writing up the subtitles for the Game Dungeon videos I haven't released yet and I'm working on CarnEvil right now. An idea is percolating in my mind that I wanted to toss out there. The idea is still very doughy and I'm not sure it'd all work out, but I have to say it.


Ross mentions that CarnEvil combines two of his favorite things: carnivals and Halloween.


One of the things that is floating about what remains of my family is the idea of possibly going to Cedar Point for Halloween next year. Things are still very much up in the air for that and we have 11 months to work it out, but I think this might be a neat idea:


An Accursed Farms meetup (like the one that was done at Kings Dominion a while back) at Cedar Point for Halloween 2014. I know this is putting something on Ross and that's why I say the idea is very doughy at this point--I don't even know if I could attend, but I was thinking about it and wanted to throw out feelers.


What do you guys think? We could call it "CarnEvil 2014" or something. I dunno.

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The idea sounds neat... Too bad I live in another continent and can't afford a plane ticket. :P

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If Cedar Point's in the States then I dont think I can afford the plane ticket either since I live in Canada

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