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Totally sensless story I wrote to meke me happier.

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And with a help and a character of my friend. I'm putting it here, hoping to get some feedback on my grammar and stuff. Dont ask about the idea, it's rather personal but I think worth showing you guys:



The First Impression


The Harbour city has seen better days. Since the bigger ships started to avoid docking there, safe travel to other cities could only be made by steam train. Though the harbour seemed abandoned, some parts of the old city were still crowded with people. Traders, travelers and sailors alike walked around the dirty alleyways.


It was cold yet the sun shone brightly that particular November morning when an old, rusty train pulled into the Harbour city station. The air was thick with white steam, only a few passengers came out from the old, rusting machine.

One of those was Jake Jimmerick, a son of a rich, late captain. As he left the train with haste, he took a deep breath, filling his lungs with the salty, cool breeze. The wind swept through his ginger hair as he walked through the old city, popping his coat collar up to hide from the cool breeze and the meddlesome people. They couldn't recognize him, he was sure he changed enough from the last time. He cut his hair and his once short sideburns were now entirely covering borders of his narrow jaw. He also wasn't as flabby as he used to be. His clothes weren't much different than the current fashion, his vest, cravat still looked fine, however he couldn't get any new coat and his current one looked visibly old, which made him feel awkward as he walked down the city streets. He felt his anticipation rise as he got closer to where he could finally rest - his home.


He had spent too much time inland, away from the sea and without it he began to reminisce about home near the big water. Away, he felt like a fish out of water, slowly dying in the dry air. However, as tolerant as he was, he still became homesick. He was born to live at the open sea. And planned to come back there as soon as he could.


The last house on the small city block belonged to Jimmerick's family for generations. The architecture had a vintage charm, and the place was big but with no yard. No one has lived here for awhile, the house having been empty for months since its last occupant met his demise at sea.


Jake found this place perfect to hide from all the people who suspected him of having strange connections with criminals and pirates. His life became more dangerous than ever, the suspicions not being entirely false due to the fact that criminals nor pirates trust him at all. He planned on taking a break from a risky life before leaving this land on a ship. Jake had his fair share in wealth; what he 'inherited' here and there and what he had kept since his father's death. It would allow him to survive here, then later buy his one way ticket to somewhere better and search after buying a vessel for his own.


The only thought which worried him was the fact he was going to share his house with someone else...a roommate. An unknown traveller, a stranger, unfamiliar to this part of the world. He could literally appear at any moment, so Jake picked up the pace, wanting to be the first one there.


Jake opened the door and checked the house. Everything looked clean and quiet, just the way it was left. Satisfied with the condition of his house, he left his bags near the staircase and went into the small yard, taking a pipe and tobacco with him. He didn't make it very far untill he saw him. Jake stopped mid step, trembling at the sudden appearance of the mysterious traveller. The man stood in front of the yard staring at the moss-fringed wall, ignoring the onlooker.


The pirate noticed his new flatmate's obvious features quickly before the man could catch him. The stranger turned, giving him a look bordering worry and remorse. Jake couldn't tell if that man would soon be greeting him everyday with that same confusing expression.


The odd man appeared young, lanky, and not much above six feet tall. Jake had a feeling that the strange gentleman was even taller than himself. His hair was pushed back, curling brown and almost shoulder length.

The most conspicuous features of his appearance was his unusual ears, covered in short feathers which resembled wings. They were the same color as his hair and blended very well from a distance. As he approached closer to Jake, it got easier for him to notice the man had a long and pointy nose that gave him a strange avian-like face.

Everything about his clothing was different and looked absolutely foreign. His attire consisted of an olive cloak and scarf, his grey vest and shirt beneath, with long brown boots with dark, slim pants.

He glanced at the pirate with the same worried expression and tired green eyes as he approached.


This first impression Jake found ridiculous, he couldn't understand such... uncommon anatomy. "Hey, you must be my flatmate..." he said, A wide, polite smile appeared on his face.

The man didn't smile back, only now staring at the pirate, quickly examining his tough appearance. "Oh! you are Jake Jimmerick." the young man says quickly. "I have heard about you."


It made Jake felt uneasy seeing his new flatmate so bold. He surely knew alot allready. The pirate cared that his first impression might not be enough for that ...colourful man. He wasn't even human, but Jake remembered to not make fun at strangers at first sight, even if he was tempted to. He was going to share a room with him so he kept all questions to another time.


Jake looked at him skeptically. "I don't remember doing anything worth talking about!" he grinned, laughing it off. "well- don't listen to what people say about my family, They are all rumours made up by simple minds".


As he studied his flatmate, it was a huge relief to see that the strange man who was supposed to share his house was none of the local people. Though he looked more naive, he surely was an intelligent man, so Jake also decided to not speak much about his past and kept all his suspicions.


On taking a second look, he noticed that the weird man's gloved hands were clutching a huge book and tightly pressing it to his side as he was afraid of having ripped from his grasp.

"Is that all your bags?" Jake asked.

"Oh, y-yes, this is all I need" The man stammered. His voice, though deep and resonated, seemed anxious. The pirate held the pipe between his teeth idly, an approving look taking over.

"What's yer name?."

"I'm Tom" he answered quickly. Jake smiled even wider and extended his right hand towards Tom:

"Welcome in my home, my friend!"

"Even if something sounds logical, it doesn't mean it have to be true"

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