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IF you are talking about Freeman's Mind...

You do realize that Morgan is often suited for the calm, wise old man personality? From what I gather, even in movies, like Now You See Me, his character never explodes into fits of rage until he found out he was framed at the end. Take another example like the Almighty movies, he's God.

You know, it's kinda creepy if you have Gordon shooting stuff up while speaking softly and be chill about everything. If you were to spend some time imagining Morgan taking up the character of Gordon, it's weird. It sounds more like a Let's Play. Here we have Ross to fill in the role of a psychopath (who arguably has a higher chance of surviving in a situation like Half-Life), which is perfect.


But if I read your question wrongly, were you referring to story/movie/documentary narration?

If so, go to Youtube, watch Ross's Game Dungeon, and also watch Through the Wormhole (narrated by Morgan), then you may see the difference.

It's about genre, really. LIke I said, Morgan's best suited for slower-paced stuff, but we often hear Ross like a gibbering genius, even when he reviews Eternam.

Sign in Tip-Top Variety store window reads, 'Bitch-Slapped-By-The-Invisible-Hand-Of-The-Marketplace Sale'.

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I never particularly thought Morgan Freeman's voice was that soothing or great to listen to. It's just normal to me,

but then I've heard Ross's voice so much that it's kind of become unnaturally familiar and it can be hard to judge.

Not in a bad way, I would definitely choose Gordon to read an audiobook over Morgan, I'm sure. One thing I do like

about Morgan's voice is how people impersonate it and use it in a very different context:




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I don't think Morgan Freeman would make as good of a DOTA 2 announcer.


Though that would still be fun as hell. Damn if I had the equipment and time, I'd work on my Morgan impression and try to do that. x3

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