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  1. You heard it here, folks, next episode probably in april. Teasing aside this was a fun one. Thanks for the fun as always, Ross!
  2. I'd offer my voice but it's probably too masculine lol, unless you wanted a male voice for Chell's mind as part of the humor.
  3. I vaguely recall Ross wanting to hire animators for Civil protection. He could never find anyone who stuck around long enough to actually get much of it done. And anyway I'd like to see someone try to animate the cartoon animated episode with the gravity gun. That would be a bit more impressive.
  4. I've been having issues with changing user settings as well.
  5. I'm downloading and plan to seed the "All The Freeman" torrent. If you're trying to download that and don't have any seeders, try hitting me up on skype @Xddash1, and I'll make sure my Deluge (torrent program that I use) is running. I had the set of everything up to 54 on my iPod, figured it would be nice to have the rest. I'm also planning on creating a separate list of files that include the full audio ripped from the videos (voice and sounds, the full audible Freeman's Mind experience). It's a great thing to have for if you can listen but not watch. Like having a podcast of awesomeness. I've never created a .torrent for others to download so I'd have to figure that out. First, of course, I'll need to do the audio extractions first (there are youtube conversions that usually work) since I lost the set of pure Freeman's Mind Audio files I used to have.
  6. Do what I did, video first, then go through and read the comments, pausing every few moments to catch up on reading. :3
  7. Congratulations on finally finishing this project, Ross! I'm glad to have been able to see it reach a conclusion. Looking forward to your future videos!
  8. The way some people are talking about how it's depressing that the series would be ending and that HL2 would be a whole new series, blah, blah, blah, actually kind of confuses me. Sure you'll get through the first Half-Life by the end of the year and FM is up in the air, but if there was a return, how would it be a new series? It would be the exact same series, continuing. Hell, it wouldn't be "Freeman's Mind 2 Episode 1 (No... no, not HL2 Episode 1, that's something else, damn, guys.)" It would be "Freeman's Mind Episode [one episode number higher than the end of Half-Life 1]." Like geeze. Get a grip.
  9. Even when you lose, everyone wins.
  10. No, that's as it appears in-game. I didn't! Maybe it seems shorter because I went up there and started talking to the scientist instead of standing around. The only other thing I can think of is Half-Life Source shortens it compared to Half-Life original. If you guys want to be scientific about this, how about somebody load up Half-Life and clock it? I didn't modify the timing in this episode except small adjustments during the level loads (which occurs before you even enter the chamber), so you can use my video as a benchmark for HL:Source. Oh I can talk about Machinima, just that there's a few small things I can't discuss. All the huge stuff is public anyway. As for Blip, I made a post on it a while back, but my timing couldn't have been worse essentially. I joined blip.tv JUST before Maker Studios came in and bought them out, since then, the income from them fell dramatically. I'm not removing the old links, but it's simply not worth it compared to Youtube now. I'd been wondering about that, too. Good to know.
  11. They are not the only ones you know. This breed of humans is everywhere. Of course such people are everywhere, but you hardly ever notice them. That kind of legal theft and overall shittyness isn't talked about much, as far as I've seen.
  12. Oh man, do they have a programed version of that? There should be a one-shot of Freeman's reaction to it, if so. I bet HLPrincess would enjoy that.
  13. So I read up a little bit on the Koch Brothers. Holy fuck are those idiots a monument of misspending. Like, way worse than Black Mesa.
  14. Xalder


    Hard to find good discussions on serious topics when one person is busy yelling at the idiot that doesn't know what he's talking about. The two of them end up taking over the discussion with really stupid crap. Like, seriously. The idiot is obviously determined to remain ignorant, fucking ignore him.
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