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Fixed draw/holster animations and SFX

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Well I registered to the forum just to post this, and I think this will be a useful minimod for Half Life Source.

It basically fixes the crowbar holster and fidget animations and adds an MP5 holster animation.

But that's not all, all of the weapons have unique draw/holster SFX that can be customized to the users' will.

Install and editing guide in the readme file.

I hope this helps Ross save time editing in the sounds himself. :D

Download : http://www.mediafire.com/download/0hsdvq86h0dpt2d/draw_holster_patch.7z

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Wow, did you make this!? What a fantastic script, Vedad. Thanks so much for sharing! It could definitely prove useful.

Is this script activated by a binded key, or does it just fix the current transition animations? It looks very cool, I'd like

to try it out in-game later on. I especially like how the script can be modified to pick each set sound file randomly.


Also, are there any custom animations in this pack that are not in the original game? For instance, the MP5 holstering?

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No, its not a script :D

I integrated the function into the models, and the crowbar had the animations already and Valve was just lazy to fix them to play on "impulse 200" so I did it. And the MP5 didn't have a holstering animation at all so I animated it and applied it to the in-game model.


A script would be able to only play a fixed set of sounds, this way the sounds are randomized AND can be set to specific sets of sounds for specific weapons.


You have got 5 holster and 5 draw sounds, that's 10*14 weapons=140 different sounds (too much I guess, but the script can be modified to play less sounds as you mentioned)

All in all, I hope this will help Ross and well anyone else that wants this, I think its a great "cinematic add-on" to shorten the edit time.

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Ahh, I see. Thanks for clearing that up. Five sounds per each draw and holster in a set is actually a great number, I wouldn't say it's too much.

So it's the impulse code that is binded to a key, but Valve never really counted on switching weapons that way? Explains the jittery movement.

We'll see if Ross gets word of this and whether it'll be in Freeman's Mind for the later episodes.

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*starts jumping up and down

He like became my hero when he said "SUUCKEEEEER", I have been following him ever since :D


EDIT: I now see that when he is carrying the Egon he added a "click" sound when Gordon fidgets the thing, I will add support for that too if he decides to use it.

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Hey man, I finally had time to try it out myself and I can't seem to get it working, none of the sounds play and the animations are the same.

Am I somehow installing it wrong when I copy the files to the Half-Life: Source base directory? I even made an "addons" folder in case Valve

tried to update their old games and change how mods function, but unfortunately there's no progress and now I feel foolish.

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Try cut/pasting the files into common/Half-Life 2/hl1/custom/my_custom_files :)


If it still does not work, then take these files http://www.mediafire.com/download/g2n16g5aggak5z5/models.7z and replace them with the old ones.


If any more questions appear, I will be here :)


EDIT: The MP5 holster animation is updated so please download the file from above regardless.


PS: Valve has a strange habit of mixing game directories together so don't get confused.

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