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A Freeman's Mind Soundboard (request/suggestion)

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On 5/1/2014 at 12:01 PM, VeryShyPerson said:

Get a copy of Audacity -- it's free and works on a bunch of different operating systems. Play around with it a bit. Note the 'Export selection' under the File menu, and 'Clip Boundaries' submenu under Edit. Documentation here too, if you prefer that to just messing around to figure out things.


If you plan to export MP3 files* you also need to grab a copy of LAME.


*This is something that needs to be decided on, so we don't end up with a weird mixup of different formats and bitrates from different people. Also a consistent filenaming scheme!


I hope I'm not being too takey-chargey or anything like that.

Yeah, I download that app on my computer and it's really good, I also find the bunch of their different operating system on audacity guides, it's a good app for sound record and editing.

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