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Subtitles announcement (and a poll)

Where be ye subtitles?  

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  1. 1. Where be ye subtitles?

    • Video's posting only
    • Video's posting and in the forum
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Hello, folks! Your friendly neighborhood subtitler here.


I am pleased to announce that, as of this posting, I will begin having the subtitles for all* Accursed Farms videos appear on the videos' front page posting.


This brings me to a bit of a quandry and I'd love to you guys' take on this. Would you like for me to have the subtitles appear on the video's posting, on the video's posting and here in the forum, or just in the forum? I did a dry run for the posting of the latest episode of Freeman's Mind and it seems to have worked out quite well.


So, please vote for your opinion! The poll will be open for two weeks. Thanks!


* Non-English languages will be spotty unless some intrepid translator wishes to take the subtitles and translate them/create their own

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Storing subtitles on different places will be more reasonable, I think.


And what about English closed captions on YouTube?

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Hi Daniel, I'm the spanish subtitles' guy and I wanted to inform that I'll be uploading the Spanish traduction of Episode 56 later this day or tomorrow (along with some other episodes that I missed), but the older episodes (pre-54) will have to wait since Im very busy right now with some school things hehe.


I'll try to keep the pace with the traduction of the newer episodes and continue working on the previous episodes on my spare time (translating some episodes is difficult because there are some words that can't be translated into spanish).


I'm not sure if this is the correct place to tell you, but I just wanted to inform you that the Spanish translation still in progress :) .

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