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Good modelling software?

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I am going to start making games and more generally content for the source engine. I'm wondering what 3D modelling software is out there, what Valve uses (I'm not sure if anyone knows this), and just any modelling software you think is good.


I've heard of Milkshape, don't know much about it, Softimage is cool but expensive, I'm not sure if Cinema 4D can model but either way that's too expensive, same for Maya, and I don't have a clue how to use Blender or if it can model. And I haven't really heard of anything else.

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My few attempts at modelling didn't go very well so I'm not too qualified to advise much on the matter, but if you're leaning towards Blender take a look at this.


Yeah, I actually have that installed, I just don't have a clue how to use Blender. I've actually tried Milkshape since posting this topic, it's cool but kind of... I don't know.. limiting? It's easy to use though, so I might actually buy it and get good at that, then possibly get into some bigger, better software like Blender. (even though Blender's free and MS isn't XD)

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If you're new to modeling, use Anim8or. It's really easy to use, and exports to the widely-supported obj format.


(when you get better you can import your objs into blender and rig them for source)

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