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  1. I don't blame you at all! It's obviously just a scam people pull when they realize your videos might not be protected.You did the right thing by countering them. If this ever happens again, and you think you might need legal or even financial help, don't hesitate to reach out to the community. You've done more than enough for all of us, we've got your back.
  2. Actually I get the same exact suggestions. It's weird though because I don't see crappy suggestions on any of his other videos, huh. But yeah, YouTube has decided they'd rather display the videos that make them the most money, and those happen to be shitty minecraft videos for 10 year olds. I really don't blame them though, since YouTube is basically losing money at this point because of AdBlocker, but it still pisses me off.
  3. Hah, look at all those damn Minecraft videos in the suggestions
  4. Twenty crackheads are puking meth with imitation Belgian chocolate waffles outside your emulator.
  5. This actually wasn't as weird and creepy as the alien one. That one was kinda creepy because of the background story. ;p
  6. WHAT!?!? VEGAS OVER PREMIERE!? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!?!?! (vegas is 90,000x buggier than premiere)
  7. The reason I haven't used twitter is I already check the forums somewhat and email, and youtube comments to a lower extent. There's already more than I can keep track of, so adding on top of that isn't really a priority. That and the vast majority of my news posts are just announcing the videos, so the format of twitter doesn't really jump out at me. I could check with Shroud of the Avatar, but my guess is companies will be much more willing to share assets AFTER production, sharing them beforehand just opens yourself up to a potential liability / leaks that they wouldn't have much incentive to do. As for volunteers, I'd be fine with more people assisting, but honestly about 80% of people who offer to help I never hear from again once I ask them to do something small first. The flake out ratio can be so high that I have to weigh the pros and cons of getting help v. doing it myself much of the time. I basically want to avoid situations where what I'm talking about will appeal to a small minority of people and I'm essentially just abusing my ability to have a sort of soapbox. Polaris Snocross was pretty close to what I'm after. You can check the post of that for what I decided to leave out of it. You can always send me a demo. I actually have someone in mind who contacted me after the Strife video that really nailed the kind of mood I was after, but this project is going to be big enough to support multiple composers for sure. I am going to be somewhat merciless on what music I include however as that has a huge impact on the atmosphere. The dictionary says either is valid. I had a thought about that before, but my main concern is I'd rather avoid having to reject work that someone worked really hard on, but wasn't to my taste. Besides, Gorilla Gong is growing as a better avenue for that sort of thing, though the view boost is still small for now. The biggest thing I think I'd like to do is make some of the episodes more thematic somehow, though that can drain a lot more time and only add a little bit to the production sometimes. I like how Angry Joe will sometimes have skits that tie in with the particular video game, but besides having limited production means, that's the sort of thing that could take up the time of 2 or more "normal" game dungeon episodes. Alright, sending it in an email. Tell me if it's not the right mood. It was kind of a general mood so if it's not what you're looking for I would like it if you could tell me. Thanks. (why do I feel like I wrote that wrong)
  8. For the movie, I know you said you needed to get alot of technical stuff done first, but this is about the soundtrack. I could volunteer to do the soundtrack. You said it was a kind of medieval setting so I guess it'd need to be orchestral. I just finished a short orchestral demo track. I'll only put it up if you want me to.
  9. A good microphone is the audio-technica at2020. it's what I have and unless you have people yelling in the background, a really loud computer, and the volume turned all the way up it's not going to pick up any background noise.
  10. JESUS! i clicked on accursed farms and saw you and it scared the shit out of me! XD watching it now.
  11. this page is the best forum page ever. (i bet no one will notice the title)
  12. The 'tags' only work for youtube, and you only put the video code, not the entire URL. Not to mention that's not even a YouTube URL.
  13. Yeah, It won't be on loop. I'll only play through the playlist once, then it'll end, even if there's alot of people. It's just for people who want to watch the playlist and chat.
  14. Are you sure you didn't steal my idea? Also I looked at that site and it is scary so I left. No? I just came up with it on the spot honestly... Sorry. Well anyways I will set up the room if you are all interested I'm sorry too it's just that I had this livestream set up ^_^
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