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The Tunnels - there's something familiar...

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I don't know if anybody remembers this game, but there's one that's called Vietcong. As the name suggests it takes place in Vietnam War. You have a few missions taking place in the Vietnamese tunnels, you can see it here (excuse the horrible english voice acting, it's not its primary language):



Does it look similar to the tunnels in the CP episode? The shape and the textures look the same:



By the way, I recommend playing Vietcong, even though the graphics are dated and english voice acting is pretty bad, the gameplay and realism and music etc. is brilliant.

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Considering where HL2 takes place, wouldn't surprise me if there where secret underground tunnels as there are in most ancient cities, Not very related to the vietnamese ones but.. it makes sense. :P There are lots of urban legends also regarding metro tunnels, with modern construction like the ones in the CP episode. Btw nice screenshot selection. That shot with Mike's gun badass.

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I can see the resemblance but I think it's more due to the fact that modelling a tunnel in that fashion is the easiest way to do it. If I had to guess I'd say they started off with a tube primitive, cut it in half, pulled the cut part down and gave it a floor. For the general shape at least.


For example:




Threw together in like 10 minutes.


As for the texture, at least in the case of The Tunnel, it may have simply been a public use texture for dirt. cgtextures.com is free public use on the condition that the texture is used on a 3D model. That and dirt does look like dirt so that may also be why it's so similar. :P


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