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  1. i see that you took some titles from the Black Mesa soundscape files, most of them have similar (or identical) titles at the top.
  2. Hey Ross, what Half-Life 2 maps did you use for the background when you were talking? Good video, at any rate. Edit: scratch that, the maps are in the credits.
  3. WOO FINALLY!! Will you be releasing the voice files for Freeman? And on that note, the source file of that map at the end in the G-Invasion mod? Now to find something else to occupy 7 years of my time...
  4. it's actually happening?? wow. 7 whole years. damn. I wonder how freeman will handle the G-man's choice at the end. Hilariously, no doubt.
  5. Another quality video, Ross! Hopefully you finish Freeman's Mind this year...
  6. WOW that was fast. Only 3 days between this episode and the last!
  7. hot damn ross might actually finish before 2015
  8. I'm pretty sure that texture is included default with Half-Life 2
  9. I'm thinking of attaching a few of these together, into one map for Gmod. Problem is though, I'm missing a model called "pod.mdl" in the map podroom maps. The filepath makes me think its a custom prop, and there's no way I can get it. Can you post a download for models that were custom, and not from any specific game/mod?
  10. Pretty good episode, I would like to see more Ross's Game Dungeon though!
  11. I was really surprised when I found out it didn't exist, so I made it myself! It is kindve an experiment in reddit CSS coding, but a legitimate community none the less. We are currently 21 users strong, so give me an opinion on this! http://www.reddit.com/r/accursedfarms
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