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Bringing logic to Xen

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I didn't know where else to put this and didn't find another thread dedicated to the topic, so I put this here.


(Just some thoughts on the weirdness of that we saw of Xen so far)


What we observed so far (I heared people like lists):

  • Platforms floating around in the void, some very rigid, others very porose without any immediate optical difference
  • Bigger platforms with caves and glowing crystal structures scattered everywere
  • A seemingly unidirectional force that seems to effect everything and appears to work just like we expect gravity to work on earth
  • A levitating rock that does not react to strong air currents
  • Teleporters everywhere
  • Huge animals living in the middle of nothing with no apparent source of food around
  • Lots of other weird shit that biologists will have to deal with (not my department)


Some possible conclusions and theories:


Gordon and the animals around can breathe, therefore the whole floating rock stuff must be embedded in a cloud of a gas

containing at least oxygen. So far, we can't say anything more about that.


There is some force that acts like gravity. Also, that levitating rock must be held in position by very strong forces if it

simply levitates and does not react to the shock wave of an explosion in anyway whatsoever.

In Half-Life and some of its extensions, it is mentioned that the Xenian crystals aid in teleportation. What if the crystals embedded

in the rock contain very dense matter made of particles with a negative mass?

What if the whole rock platform stuff is actually falling towards something massive (a gigantic planet/black hole/dark matter,

whatever floats sinks your boat), but since large parts of the rocks have negative mass, the gravity acts on the platforms into

the oposite directions, pushing them upwards, or at least making them fall slower than Gordon and everything else?

Whenever Gordon was in free fall so far, we heard a (somewhat load) air flow. If that was an upward wind, it could make sense.


If we have extremely dense materials and negative masses at our hands, we could also partially explain the rotating platforms and

the levitating rock being held in position.


For the teleporters, it could be assumed that most were made by intelligent life forms. Having all kinds of fancy/weird matters at

hand probably made studying those and building teleporters easier for a society forced to deal with this environment, having a

completely different historical approach to physics and mathematics than some guy on earth getting hit by an apple and inventing



Regarding the Gonarch living in an environment without any obvious food source around. For one, I couldn't see any orifices on that

thing were it could either consume food, or "unload" digested food. There must be some opening at the top through which the Gonarch

squirts acid at enemies, but due to it's shape, it's quite impractical to use a hole at the top for consuming food. Also, living things on

earth are usually symetric along a plane, but have one end where things go in and an opposite end where things go out. The Gonarch

appears to be sort of symetric along a line. It is a disc with a blob and legs attached to it. It doesn't seem to have any identifyable oposing

ends, so either it consumes and excretes food through some openings at the bottom, or maybe it isn't designed to eat food. Afterall, there

are magic healing pools in Xen. What if, through eveolution, the animals got accustomed to not eatting anything but soaking in those

pools instead? On the other hand, however, we saw some of the animals in Black Mesa chewing on dead scientists, so it might not be

true for all animals.



In conclusion, we need to perform further research on the topic, send more people (or preferably robots) to Xen, obtain samples to analize,

perform experiments, obeservations and measurements.

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I have the theory that all of these islands are just pieces of landmass after a catastrophic occurrence which left most of the planet in pieces. think about i, all of the islands have gravity which means the islands must still be within it's gravitational force.

"The only real answer is to get drunk and set fire to things"

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