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Original Strife: Veteran's Edition

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NightDive has, somehow, gotten at least digital distribution rights for Strife: Quest for the Sigil. Because the source was lost they could have gone with a dosbox port, but instead got the community to help out by getting them a modified version of Chocolate Strife that has added features like pixel smoothing, bloom, colored lighting, an ogg version of the soundtrack as processed by a Roland setup, and pdf's of the manual and other physical goodies.


Currently on Steam and likely going to get put on GoG before too long.


Because the engine is based on chocolate strife the soce other than the bits that interface with steam itself will be made open source at some point.


Given there was a Game Dungeon video awhile back I figured folks here would want to know if they didn't already.


DoomWiki Article for anyone interested in who from the doom community should be thanked.

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