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  1. Completely agree. For me as someone that wants to go on youtube because no job and government benefits for disability are evaporating because... vodka (I can't explain since NOTHING about my situation has changed to cause a reevaluation of what I qualify for, or rather what I no longer qualify for given it feels like 'oh you're still alive? welp we're cutting SNAP down from $120 to $30.') The fact all this demonotization happens for reasons that are ambiguous enough to be interpreted and exempted however the designers like AND it's being run by an algorithm where you have no appeals process unless you're ALREADY big is discouraging as hell, especially since I don't have thousands to invest in professional gear, a good greenscreen, or have real access to anything that isn't a shitty let's play channel.
  2. From personal experiance Half Life and UT99 were the first two I'd seen that had WSAD as defaults. Tribes Had ESDF which is what I'd gotten hold of first and i end up remapping to esdf because it gives my ring and pinkie more to do. Plus I don't have to shift fingers off where they naturally rest for home row.
  3. Gonna add to the 'dude get a dehumidifier' line o posts. Take whatever time you need. You say it's only a room? Have you asked the landlord to make sure none of the surrounding apartments are affected? I dunno if that's possible where you live or even adviseable just 'maybe it's creeping in from elsewhere or it's set up a backup colony in somebody else's pantry.' Wouldn't want that to become the 'gift' that keeps on giving. As for cleaning. Yea, removing EVERYTHING down past the carpet layer is a good start. Run a dehumidifier at lkea (I dunno since mine was this old one with dials) 7 or so. My basement apartment had a problem where first the water heater started leaking and I didn't realize it til floor damage started, ten the AC unit started backing up months later. Was not a fun time, but even a used dehumidifier (mine was off the local yard sale scene) so long as it works would be of immense help. Just make sure you're able to empty thing when it stops or otherwise find a water level the catch can get at you can move it and keep an eye on it. It'll be clean(ish) water unless you let algea grow in the catch tank. I wouldn't wash my hair with it, but clean enough for pets, or watering plants, or the like.
  4. The Kickstarter has met it's initial funding goal. The Citadel Stands.
  5. kickstarter.com/projects/1598858095/system-shock/ We're almost at the goal with over twenty days to go. Let's get SHODAN modernized for a new generation.
  6. Well, as a longtime fan I'm hyped. They even went to the System Shock forums (most well known community and contains several members who were kinda done wrong during the initial launch of shock2 by claiming their fan efforts as their own.) They asked those forums for input and advice, things we the people want to see. While the pre-alpha footage looks way too glossy and the animations for the mutant look a little too... jelly. I have faith they know what they're doing. I want to believe.
  7. All I can think to say Ross is I don't really care about Mind of Freeman 2. Would I like it? Sure, but to be honest I want to see your movie made just to see what the hell you come up with. Everything else... is secondary.
  8. How about Gamer's Wake? I've contacted archive.org and Jason Scott to see if they could help since things shutting down and being unreachable is kindof a big giant pissoff button for them.
  9. Another Bronze Winner. I sent two emails out. one when the winners were first announced with a large list, and more recently with a small list once I started seeing bronze names go italic. I have not had a response to either. However yu are exceedingly busy so no worries. Also amused Daikatana didn't survive until the bronze round it seems. That was actually the top of my list because I want to see both if it is as bad as everyone claims, and if mods exist to make it suck less.
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/id/MarrikBroom
  11. I wouldn't call system shock an 'obscure' game franchise anymore so maybe not 'game dungeon' material but coul you do a video about the franchise due to the news about both a remake and a sequel? I really want your thoughts on both especially the legal hell they were in for a decade and change only to get saved and put back on sale PLUS system shock 2's engine update by a person/persons we literally do not know the name of. I mean Newdark showed up on french language form by a guy known as the french word for 'The Raven.' I feel you talking about this, the game's controls and backstory, the whole 'techninja boondagle' thing with nightdive and your thoughts on the new material should be worth watching. Anyone else want Ross to do this?
  12. I am regretful the xmas mod for system shock 2 didn't get released til closing date because frankly the grenade hybrids staggering around while holding an eggnog bottle frankly is amusing as hell. Are they zombies, or just piss drunk?
  13. Question: Did anyone else want Daikatana? I've heard its bad but 'kill john romero's career' bad?
  14. The F1 - F4 buttons would let you cycle the psionics. However i will agree most of them were useless outside of multiplayer.
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